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  • Exactly how I have achieved excellent health and fitness through the principles of a raw and plant-based diet.
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Testimonials –

“Sticking with the wonderful dietary advice of Anthea Frances has paid off great guns! I’ve just received the results of my latest tests and my thyroid is now functioning normally, my Vitamin D levels are now within the normal range (where before it was a case of ‘What Vitamin D?’) and my B12 is still a little low but much, much improved… doing a very excited little dance – and thankfully I can dance now, whereas before I was struggling to walk at times! Oh – and losing 10kg in 3 months is awesome as well!”

– Karen Thomson (Ageless, Healthy Woman) – Sydney, Australia

“As a Lupus sufferer I was really stuck in a rut, getting more and more depressed, taking more and more drugs as time went on. Anthea helped me see that I could actually change my health just by changing what I ate. In just a few months I was able to start lowering my medications because I was feeling so much better…”

– Lyndall Hill- Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia

“Yours is the only newsletter I read top to bottom every time it arrives. Such great, practical advice for transitioning and sustaining the raw lifestyle.”

– Elisabeth Dunham (ElisabethDunham.com), Portland, OR