How To Get Rid of Candida in 3 Easy Steps

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Do you struggle with frequent, chronic yeast infections?  I know how you feel…  I suffered with candida for years.

The usual suspects:  the pill, frequent doses of antibiotics and eating a diet full of refined, processed foods.  I tried the anti-candida diet for 6 months, then 3 months, but as soon as I stopped, the candida always returned.

Since I have come to really understand Candida, its purpose in our body and how to maintain healthy levels of this essential microbe, I am astonished at how easy it is to banish yeast infections from your life.

1.  Understand how Candida works – Candida is a microbe found in human blood.  Everybody has it and it’s part of our backup systems that help us monitor and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

When there is a rise in blood sugar the candida eat up the excess sugar, and help to stabilize blood sugar levels.  When blood sugar is elevated over an extended period there is a subsequent ‘bloom’ of candida.

So the question is, how can we keep our blood sugars levels stable so that we don’t experience the ‘bloom’ing of candida?

2. Keep your fat levels low – What?! Don’t you mean sugar levels?  Isn’t that usually the first rule with Candida??

Actually, fat levels are key in promoting or arresting sugar metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypoglycemia and candida.  Too much fat in the diet coats all the cells of the body including the insulin receptor sites.

When this happens the glucose finds it hard to find its way into the cells and instead remains circulating in the blood.

The pancreas then has to work harder to cope with the elevated blood sugar, putting out more and more insulin.  If this process happens indefinitely, over extended periods it will lead to adrenal fatigue.

Luckily, the life-saving candida microbe comes to the rescue to munch up all that excess sugar.

But the problem wasn’t too much sugar – it was too much fat.  If you keep your fat intake below 10% of total calories consumed, the glucose in your blood will find its way easily and quickly into your trillions of cells, and your blood sugar levels will remain super stable.

This will completely negate the need for candida to ‘bloom’ and you’ll no longer have to buy anti-yeast medications to control that chronic itch.  Yay!

I highly recommend you track your calories for a bit to make sure your fat levels are super low.

Online programs like cronometer will help you calculate exactly how much you’re having in your diet.  It’s too easy to live in denial.

If you currently have a yeast infection, I recommend going overt fat free for a period of time (a week to a month) to really get your blood sugar issues sorted.  No oils, avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds.

3. Fill up on Fruits and Vegies – Fruit is not the enemy.  In fact fruits and vegies help create an optimal environment for good bacteria to flourish.  They are what’s called a pre-biotic.

In a recent New York Times article, “Making the Case for Fruit,” the director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr David Ludwig, said that the sugar consumed in fruit is not linked to any adverse health effects, no matter how much you eat.

(my emphasis)  Ludwig says also that a benefit from the fiber in fruit is that it changes our intestinal flora, or microbiome, by helping different species of healthy bacteria to thrive.

So there you have it,

Upping your fruit and veg consumption, thereby flooding your body with vitamin c and other essential nutrients, is the best thing you can do for your candida problem.

Not only will it provide the best environment for good bugs, it will also boost your immune system so that you have less or zero need for antibiotics.

Check out this youtube video, where Dr Douglas Graham explains simply and effectively how it works:  Understanding Candida with Dr Douglas Graham

There are always answers to even your most debilitating health problems.

You don’t have to settle for the band-aid solutions of doctors.

You don’t need to keep suffering from annoying and completely unnecessary diseases like candida overgrowth.

I encourage you to educate yourself, make changes to your diet and experience the best health you ever have in your life.

Anthea Frances is an author, raw food health coach and host of the Raw Life Summit series.  Grab a copy of her free Balanced Raw Vegan Nutrition Checklist and start improving your health today!

  1. Wow I’ve never heard it this way! So great to know since I struggle with certain fats! Thank you!

  2. I’m glad to hear it’s helped, Amy. I wish I’d had that critical piece years ago when I was struggling. Let me know how you go with lowering your fats.

  3. So Mark Hyman and Dr Koe Mercola are totally wrong with their high fat low carb ketogenic style diet then?  

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