#18 Blog Post: Losing Weight on a raw food diet

Girl Using A Tape Measure Checking Her Waistline

Over the last 18 months of eating high raw with some cooked starches at night I put on weight.  A matter of about 5 kilos, but for me I was unhappy carrying this extra weight.

I felt heavy and loaded down and just not ready and raring to get out the door and exercise at any opportunity, like I am today.

I intuitively knew that getting back to fully raw would help me lose this unwanted weight.

I had a plan.  I was going to eat as close to 100% raw as I could, run a TINY calorie deficit and include a session of bodyweight exercises in my day.

I set up cronometer for a ½ a pound loss per week, which is barely anything.  I did this because I didn’t want to shock my body by eating a whole lot less.  My experience with doing this in the past is that it has led to bingeing.

And when I weighed myself yesterday I happily discovered that I had lost just over 2kgs in about 7 weeks!

So I’m definitely going to continue working with this plan until I reach my goal weight!

Today on a plate:

Breakfast – 1 Litre of grape/lettuce juice (about ½ of each)

Lunch – 1 Litre of grape/lettuce juice, 3 lady finger bananas

Afternoon – sweet chilli zoodles (zucchini, diakon radish, corn, tomato, chilli cilantro, dates), low-fat guacamole (tomatoes, zucchini, avo, lime, coriander, celery), Some more celery, cos lettuce and red bell pepper.

Dinner – 5 lady finger bananas

Calories for the day were – about 2419

Ratios: (89% carbs/6% fat/5% protein)

Water – ½ litre  (no enough!)  A lot of juice though.

Sleep – 7 hours (severely underslept at the moment – too much on my mind)

Exercise – 30 min yoga video; 20 min walk with dogs and friends up and down hill, a few hours of housework

Quote for the day:

Persistence Pays

Food for my brain today:  A lovely social time with friends today, surprising them with my chilli noodle spiralizer creation!

If you’re wanting to lose weight, a 100% raw food diet cannot be beat.  I find my satiation point MUCH more easily when I eat raw foods, and for me that’s the key to losing weight.   It also gives me loads more energy and motivation to exercise, so I’m more likely to burn more calories too.

How about you?  Can you lose weight including high carb, low fat starches and complex carbohydrates in your diet?  Some people can.  Some can’t.  Lucky you, if you’re one of the ones who can!

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  1. I’m finding the same situation, in that I was following dr. McDougall and not loosing any weight, so went raw till 4 , same thing, now mostly raw and loosing weight again. I think I’m one of those persons that seem to thrive on raw. Just wished I’d known about raw 40 years ago, still better late than never.

  2. I have a theory that raw foodies who spend a lot of time healing themselves fully on a 100% raw food diet (5+ years) MAY be able to tolerate some cooked starches without gaining, but that it’s very difficult to lose it on cooked, if you still have weight to lose and healing to do. Then again, some individuals are simply more starch ‘sensitive’ than others. Completely agree, Claudia. Wish I’d known about it 40 years ago too!

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