Bone Broth? Do we really need it to heal our gut?

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Inspiration for today’s article came from an email I received this week from Haley T, a reader of my Free Raw Tips newsletter and relative newbie (3 months) to the low fat raw vegan lifestyle.

You can read Haley’s email here and find out the source of her despair directly…

Hey Anthea,

What a Wonderful story you have. You are a true blessing!

I would respect your advice/tips on which health road for me to take dealing with adrenal fatigue AND H.pylori. (From a Raw style point) I am really worried that I may have to venture off the raw life just to heal – coming from MOST everyone who is saying that the Grass-fed-Bone broth is very healing….?

I have been Low fat raw for three months and symptoms seems like a never ending thing somedays…..

I am a True Health Seeker and will continue to achieve great health not only for myself but my lovely three year old girl <3

Thanks so very much for putting your heart & soul to the world.

– Haley T

Firstly, thanks Haley for your kind words!  I often take a big, deep breath before hitting ‘send’ on my emails to you all because, so often, I reveal deeply personal information.

But if it’s helping you then I feel validated in sharing and can see that it’s all for a worthwhile purpose ☺

Not only are you healing your own body, you are also providing a super positive example for your 3-year old daughter and that is so wonderful to hear. ☺ ☺

Now to get to the heart of your health crisis – H. Pylori and pooped Adrenals!

You ARE in a mess, aren’t you, you silly sausage? (veggie of course!)

Well, so was I before I found this lifestyle…

I can so totally relate.  I had H. Pylori (aka Helicobacter Pylori) for a good 5 or 6 years, and it was NOT fun.  I was prescribed at least 3 courses of triple therapy antibiotics during that time.  We’re talking MASSIVE doses of antibiotics, as well as Nexium (as an acid inhibitor because the antibiotics cause such violent episodes of reflux.)

Every time I took those doses the H. Pylori returned, and just got worse and worse ☹
My reflux worsened over time to the point where I was up half the night with severe stomach pain.

For those that don’t know, H. Pylori is the bacteria that causes stomach issues such as acid reflux, gastritis and, if left, can lead to stomach cancer. So it’s not something to be messed with.

It was the H.Pylori, in fact, that drove me to raw foods in desperation.

I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. And I couldn’t stand the lack of sleep I was getting as a result.

The lack of sleep triggered the extreme exhaustion in me, and f%$ked with my hormones. (Sorry to cuss right there but the mess I was in has to be stressed)

Then I found raw foods, the high carb, low fat vegan way…

And within a month on raw foods and veggies, with minimal nuts and seeds, I had ZERO acid reflux.

When I went back to the doctor for a H.Pylori breath test after about 6 months, my levels had reduced significantly.

Even though they’d reduced significantly the doctor STILL wanted to bomb me with antibiotics again. (Go figure that one out!)

Of course, I didn’t… And 6 months later they were normal again. ☺

Not only that, but the Candida, the chronic low immune function, the fatigue, exhaustion and the ‘all-over-the-shop’ hormones were also gone.

Simply from eating raw fruits and veggies. No grass-fed Bone-broth, no herbs or tinctures and no fruit-deprivation diets.

This is when I started to get REALLY interested in studying Natural Hygiene.

Here’s the thing I learned, Haley…


Let me just say that again…


Nothing you put into your body will heal it. This includes foods, supplements, herbs or medicines.

But foods?! I hear you say.

Even foods DO NOT have the power to heal your body.

What DOES make a huge difference though is REMOVING toxic substances and conditions from your body, your diet and your lifestyle. These include:

  • Processed foods
  • Bi-products of cooked food (Advanced Glycation End-products, Acrylamide etc)
  • Animal products and most grains (because they are highly ACID-forming
  • Stimulants like caffeine, cacao etc.
  • Medications
  • Chemicals in your cleaning & skin care products
  • High levels of stress

When you remove these things from your diet and lifestyle, your body then has a chance to focus it’s nerve energy on healing itself.

If you are still experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue and H.Pylori after 3 months on a low fat raw vegan diet then chances are high that you are overlooking something in your lifestyle.

Ask yourself…

Have I eliminated ALL poisons from my diet? (processed foods, foods cooked at high temperatures, drugs, stimulants and supplements for the most part) *
(* It may be that you cannot simply go off all your medications. But over time you may be able to reduce them significantly)

Have I eliminated highly acid-forming foods from my diet? (animal products & most grains)

Am I stressed out? (and what can I do to eliminate that stress from my life)

Am I still using toxic chemicals on my skin, hair and in my house?

If you have done all these things then the other thing to consider, if you are still experiencing symptoms, is that, your digestive system is still very compromised and that you need to lighten your digestive load even further.

You can do this by:

  • Fasting
  • Doing a juice cleanse for a week or even a few days
  • Going on a mono fruit island for 3 days to 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Or simply choosing to eat as many of your meals as mono meals as possible.

One other word of advice: Citrus, though a wonderfully alkalizing food, can be too harsh on an already inflamed digestive tract.  It may take you a month or two before you can eat citrus or other acidic fruits like tomatoes.   Be patient.  You’ll soon enough get to enjoy these wonderful fruits.  They’ll be your reward for being diligent about your diet in the beginning.

Also…You MUST Rest

If you’re suffering from digestive problems and adrenal fatigue then YOU absolutely MUST rest.

I cannot stress this enough.

Your body’s nerve energy needs to be replenished otherwise your body cannot do it’s important work of healing.

Go to bed earlier. Every night.

Put off all new projects.

There’ll be plenty of time for new projects and fun when you are well.

Prioritise your health above everything else and you will be richly rewarded for your efforts.

I hope this helps, Haley.  And anyone else out there suffering with chronic ill-health – this advice also applies to YOU.

If you’d like specific, tailored advice on your raw foods program, and support to help you get through the social, emotional and financial hurdles of sticking to this way of life then I invite you to check out my Private Health Coaching service.

Here’s what one very happy customer had to say about it recently…

“When I approached Anthea for help, my body was in a terrible state. I was severely crippled with arthritic pain, wasn’t sleeping well and my blood tests were not showing great results.

Within just a few days, I was already on the road to recovery. The pain in my hips and knees had eased so much that I was already able to move around much easier and could finally get a good night’s sleep without lying there in pain. This was just the beginning of an ever upward spiral in my health and although I still have plenty of improvements to come, each week is getting easier and better.

Thank you for giving me a new lease of life Anthea! You are amazing and I have told so many people about your wonderful advice and guidance.“

– Karen Thomson (Sydney)

Give yourself a gift and check out my Raw Health Coaching page now, and shoot me an email if you’d like to ask me anything at all about it.

You don’t have to be fully raw, or even want to go fully raw, in order to benefit from Raw Health Coaching.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I’d love to hear your comments on this article.  Have you healed your digestive problems or adrenal fatigue through a raw vegan diet?  Have you experimented with bone broth?  Take a moment to comment below…

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