How much fruit is too much fruit?

There’s a lot of fruit-phobic people out there, that’s for sure.
Maybe you’re one of them.
Worried about fructose, which is obviously in fruit, elevating your blood sugar, triglycerides, and causing abnormal liver function.
After all, didn’t Steve Jobs get pancreatic cancer because he was a fruitarian for a few years?
If you have even the slightest concern that eating more than a couple of pieces of fruit a day might cause you harm, then you should definitely check out this video by Dr Michael Greger where he looks at the research showing how much fruit is too much.
It’s definitely an eye-opener…
Check it out HERE:

It’s a pretty short video, but if you don’t have time to watch it, I’ll summarise it for you.

Firstly, Greger cites studies showing that if you combine 1/2 cup of blueberries with your sugary processed cereal that it will impede the blood-sugar raising effects of the refined starches.

Then he goes on to question whether or not eating too much fruit is damaging for your health, especially since some doctors are concerned about its sugar content and promote reducing its intake.

So he put fruit to the test.

In one study diabetic subjects were asked to either reduce fruit to below two pieces per day, and others were asked to eat 2 pieces per day.

It was found that low-dose fructose actually had a beneficial effect on controlling blood sugar.

But that’s just a few pieces a day, right?  What about all those fruitarians out there consuming dozens of pieces of fruit a day?

In another study measure the blood sugar variations of people eating around 20 pieces of fruit a day and found the following:

“Despite the extraordinarily high fructose content of this diet, presumably about 200g/d, the investigators reported no adverse affects, (and possible benefit for bodyweight, blood pressure, and insulin and lipid levels after 12-24 weeks.”

The only “side-effect”, it seems, to have come from a diet so high in servings of fruits and vegetables is that the subjects recorded the largest bowel movements ever recorded in the history of dietary studies.

From one of the research papers Dr Greger consulted:  “Fruit contain a wide range of bioactive substances which can act through many pathways in the human body e.g as anti-oxidants, reduce inflammation and improve endothelial function.  High fruit intake has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancer types.”

So eat up your fruit people.  It’ll help you stave off health nasties, keep you energetic, youthful and regular!

And please share with us all your experience of eating a high fruit diet, low-fruit diet, or any lingering fruit phobias you might have…

  1. I’ve been eating raw fruits for 35 years I am 77 years old and never been ill. However I have to recognize the fact that of late most fruits have been Hybridized by big agricultural conglomerates-at least in America- also adding chemicals, preservatives and some other paraphernalia is something to be concern like GMO.We are bombarded with obstacles in order to acquire excellent health.Even mangoes are being heated before arriving into the country.The drawbacks are too many .I think fruit fruit organically grown is good measure for correcting any kind of desease. At least better than medications. Note: Andrew Perlot ate 12 bananas at one time and did not show signs or indication s of abnormalities.

  2. If my choice were hybridised fruit over hybridised grains I would choose the fruit hands-down, Rafael. Obviously the best choice is organic. Our food system is far from ideal, but one of the best choices we can make is to eat fruit in abundance, whether hybridised or not, with liberal leafy greens added in there as well. Thanks for sharing your long-term experience on a raw fruit diet!

  3. I had my blood sugar measured after a huge bowl of fruit that includes bananas & it was 4.2 ( according to doctors around 5 is okay , so mine was excellent!  ) anything over 6.2 is getting into pre -diabetic zones. These are Australian measurements. 

  4. Great to hear, Lisa. I check my blood sugars every now and then out of interest and it is always in the normal range, and I’m eating several pounds of fruits per day.

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