The Best diet for Auto-immune disease?

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.33.27 amLately I’ve been listening to a very interesting audio book called The Autoimmune Solution by Dr Amy Myers, which may really interest you if you have any kind of autoimmune condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Eczema, Reynaud’s Syndrone, Colitis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

Dr Myers herself recovered from Graves Disease and helps all sorts of autoimmune sufferers recover with diet and lifestyle program.

Her major dietary blacklisted foods are gluten, all grains, dairy, legumes and, nightshades (including white potato). She basically says that you can’t be vegetarian/vegan if you have autoimmune disease because these diets are too inflammatory.

Clearly Dr Myers hasn’t yet made the connection of making fruit a primary source of calories, instead of starches (most doctors haven’t).

But she does make a fascinating case for why these foods should be avoided at all cost if you’ve suffered from any kind of auto-immune response.

What I do know is this… whenever I have deviated from my diet of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds and eaten things like cooked white potato, cooked legumes or grains like rice and wheat my health has plummeted.

The old symptoms come back in full force. Symptoms like joint pain that plagues my fingers and back.

My nose starts running like a tap, and clearing my throat constantly.

My skin feels itchy and my scalp dermatitis returns.

I start to get puffy around the jowls and chubby around my thighs and belly.

Not to mention the belly bloat.

Do you feel depressed at the thought of letting go of bread? That's a sure sign you're addicted.

Do you feel depressed at the thought of letting go of bread? That’s a sure sign you’re addicted.

And that old feeling of addiction kicks in, where the thought of letting go of bread seems like losing a child, parent, mate or a long lost friend.

I know I’m not alone here, with many, many people sharing the experience of addiction to wheat and ‘crack-like’ withdrawal symptoms to this white powder of choice.

I know that when I eat 100% raw fruits and veggies that I feel absolutely my best, but until recently I had never really made the connection between eating these other ‘healthy’ vegan foods from time to time and my symptoms reappearing.

The book is really well worth a read for her advice on gluten, all grains, legumes etc.

For me it’s clear that the dietary options for people with autoimmune disease are one of the following:

  • Paleo diet
  • Fruit-based raw vegan
  • Raw till 4 (excluding all grains and white potato)

Personally I know which options I’d prefer. Leaving out inflammatory animal products surely makes sense for any auto-immune condition.

As well, restricting highly nutritious good carbs like fruit just seems downright stupid and impossible to follow.

Personally I’ve tried restricting all carbs (including fruit) and have only sent myself into a binge cycle.

Alternatively eating as much fruit as your body requires will leave you feeling satiated, light, energetic and clear-headed, without the blood sugar issues that are often attributed to high sugar intake.

It’s what you DON’T eat that matters…

You can throw back green smoothies and juices till the cows come home, but if you’re still eating acidifying foods like grains, dairy, legumes, caffeine & animal products (even in the smallest amounts) then you’ll always fall short of the good health you aspire towards.

You might feel niggling tiredness, belly and thigh bulge, foggy thinking, painful or swollen joints.

When you eliminate acid-forming foods from your diet (animal products, grains, coffee & tea) you are removing the causes of inflammation, which are at the heart of auto-immune diseases.

And you need to eliminate them 100% to experience full recovery. Do yourself a favour and don’t kid yourself that the odd indulgence of a milky tea, muffin, coffee or Christmas pudding won’t matter.

It will and it does. It will destroy all your hard work, and attack your vulnerable immune system, when it’s just getting its head above water.

You need to view all these kinds of foods as poison, simply and clearly.

Conclusion –   If you’re struggling with an autoimmune disease and you’d like support in this area to recover your failing health, I love working with people to tailor make their very own raw health program.

Want to know exactly what you should eat and not eat, if you want to experience incredible health?

Want knowledge and support to be able to face the barrage of questions you get about your diet?

Come visit me here to find out all about how I can help you.

Raw health coaching can really help you find your raw ‘feet’, so that you’re feeling confident in the changes you’re making.

Anthea Frances is an author, raw food health coach and host of the Raw Life Summit series.  Grab a copy of her free Balanced Raw Vegan Nutrition Checklist and start improving your health today!

  1. I expect that Myers *has* made the connection between fruits and calories. My own attention goes to how vegetarians/vegans may use dairy and/or legumes as protein sources, since fruits and vegetables not only don’t have much protein, many vegetarians/vegans are blissfully unaware of how much protein they need (0.39 grams protein per pound of body weight, or ~45-80 grams of protein/day depending on weight) and how little protein that fruits and vegetables alone actually have (about 1 gram per average sized fruit or vegetable). Further, plant protein is not as well absorbed as animal protein, so you’d need 10+% more to make up the difference. No one here is suggesting excessive protein, nor dissing eating lots of fruit and vegetables, but inadequate protein can have short term undesirable effects of ungroundedness and spaciness, and long term undesirable effects on body maintenance and repair, and can contribute to osteoporosis, thinning hair, low ferritin (<20) in pre-menopausal women, etc.

    I'm all for eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, however I think each person will need to find his own best ways short-term and long-term for meeting adequate protein needs.

  2. Truth ! I cured my dermatitis ( after being told I would live with it for life ! ) Once I went raw. I have tried bread since , not only does my scalp start itching , so does my face and other parts of my body. My Trichologist recommends melon daily. I am not so much a melon person , but I do have fruit and greens daily , and protein is no issue , nor is B12.  

  3. I just recently found out that I have Hashimoto’s. I have been following the Auto Immune Protocol Diet that this book recommends. One of the things that anyone with an autoimmune disease needs to do is to work on their blood sugar. Fruits have too much sugar. They are excluded for the first month or two on this diet and then added back in. Also. meat is needed for protein to stabilize blood sugar and bone broth to heal leaky gut issues (everyone with an autoimmune disease also has a leaky gut).

  4. I think her recommendations around grains, dairy and refined sugars and spot on, Amanda. But Fruits are in a category of their own and should not be lumped in with other sugars, because they have the full complement of nutrients and so many phenomenal healing properties. Check out this research, pulled together by Dr Michael Greger. <> I eat 20+ pieces of fruit a day and have normal blood sugar and attribute my ultimate healing from all sorts of disease, including candida, to a high fruit diet.

  5. As long as you fill your diet with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds you will get the required protein intake you need, Carol. I average about 50g per day on a diet entirely of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. And if they’re consumed raw the plant proteins are not denatured.

  6. cancer LOVES sugar–fruit sugar too. bad gut bacteria feed off it as well–leading to a host of auto immune issues down the road, even if you feel good (and sure they taste great) short term.

    Google Dr Ron Rosedale, et al; (with same terms)–you will find thousands of Functional doctors, former recovering vegans, raw foodests, etc who know same–often after their own experiences.

  7. M, Your comment simply does not make sense against the overwhelming research that whole fruits are NOT like other refined or fragmented sugar and can be eaten to satiation point with only health benefits. Take a look at this NY Times article: Making the Case for Fruit Whole fruits are pre-biotics. In other words because they are the whole package of fibre, glucose and phytonutrients and minerals they are the perfect nutrition for GOOD bacteria to flourish and thrive in the gut. The basic fact is that every cell of our body runs on glucose. You can either choose to get it from clean-burning fruits (the food our bodies are designed to eat) or acid-forming grains, meats, dairy, alcohol and processed foods. Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated and well hydrated body. Those who based their diets around fruits and vegetables are consuming the most oxygenated and hydrated food on the planet. If eating fruit gave you cancer there would be a general health-warning on every piece. So where’s the health warning?

  8. Hi Maree, It seems to be working fine from here. I have now subscribed you but you will need to confirm your subscription when you get the email. Enjoy the course! Anthea

  9. Thank you for all this interesting information. I have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and researching what diet I should follow. I still feel confused quite a bit. But from my experience whenever I cut out gluten, caffeine, refined sugar, and animal protein and only sparingly legumes, my health seems to get rapidly better. I start losing weight, my bloating and IBS cramping disappears completely, my anxiety and panic attacks improve, my irritability and depression eases.

    However, after some time (several months) I start to have cravings and the addict inside me starts to get more and more vocal, and in the end, there will come a PTSD trigger for me and I lose it and go impulsively with full force back to abusing my body with all the rubbish of processed food again!! After I get so demoralized and disgusted that I just give up for a while becoming totally irresponsible regarding my food choices and experiencing more and more symptoms. Until I make myself so sick that I struggle even breathing.

    Then I wake up and realize how unhelpful this is and go back to where I started, 99% no animal proteins, no sugar, no gluten…. just like before again for a few moths, again feeling immediately better until another PTSD trigger and then all over again…

    Every time when I slip back to old sick habits, I slip a bit deeper health-wise until I got myself Hashimoto. So yes, I definitely agree that fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and lots of dark green veg juices are very healing. Bone broth doesn’t agree with me much, I probably must have the MTHFR gene mutation. I just wish I could stick to it forever!! But I will, because every time I start again, I am stronger, more motivated. Wishing to everybody here to NOT GIVE UP, ever!!

  10. Hi Minika – I so relate to your struggle with food. You should definitely check out Dr Susan Peirce Thompson’s program Bright line Eating. I am now able to maintain a 95-100% raw diet now since I started following her program. I learnt that some of us are highly susceptible to the addictive influences of refined foods. You can do her susceptibility quiz here: <>

  11. M Vangelis, you are ignorant. Cancer thrives on high blood sugar and low oxygen. The only thing that causes high blood sugar is eating fat (as all meat eaters do), as fat blocks insulin from taking glucose into cells. Maybe this is why meat eaters are so much more likely to get cancer than vegans.

  12. Omg I’m not the only one with a addiction of death it seems. Mind you I have been fasting on fruit juices and ya not working out to well.

    It’s getting bad my immune system is now attacking my brain and eyes and ears.

    But that’s my fault for taking colstrum it made my auto immune  rage out of control. 

    So I tryed ozone therapy and that has helped. Ozone modulates the immune system and gets it to act normal.

    Dr robert morse says humans should only eat fruit. Says everything else causes acidosis and that is what creates all sickness for humans.

    Also dr robert morse says it’s the fungus that gives you the cravings it’s not really your body. He has over 400 videos on youtube just search his name on youtube.

    Also don’t believe what people say about fruit sugar. The human body is ment to use fruit sugar as its main energy source.

  13. I too have food and alcohol addiction w/PTSD. I Now practice DBT skills (dialectic behavioral therapy) which has given me tremendous relief from the reactions to mood swings and fight or flight responses associated with addiction. 

  14. I totally need to do this……
    I have Graves and Hashi……
    Did not realize legumes were bad.

  15. I need help! I am in the late stages of Hashimoto’s auto immune disease and will not eat meat, at all. I normally get my protein from beans, legumes, eggs, soy, and minimal dairy products. I have eliminated dairy, eggs, soy, and gluten however; I eat almonds, cashews, pistachios, almond butter, hemp and flaxseed, beans and legumes, gluten free steel cut oats and gluten free rice, etc. in order to have much needed protein. If I’m supposed to eliminate beans, legumes, and nuts, how can i get enough protein? I am so confused as there is so much information out there and so many contradictory diets or vegetarian/vegans with Hashimoto’s.

  16. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s back in Jan. and have been doing strict AIP for the last 8 months…and yet I still feel like crap. Someone recently mentioned to me that it might make sense to knock out all animal hormones due to the fact that my body is already fighting a hormone war within itself, and introducing additional hormones that the body was never meant to process is doing my endrocrine system even more harm. So, I’m still in the debating stages of trying vegan out. I drink kombucha daily, and I eat kraut every other day, and my only other beverages are water and coconut water. I gave up coffee. So I’m working on healing my gut with probiotics and booch and other ferments…no soy though. Have decided just tonight that I will try vegan 5 days a week and non vegan 2 nights a week and see how my body handles that. I am kind of excited to see if this works…because something REALLY needs to change. I am over feeling like crap.

  17. Hi Amy (or Amber – not sure which), Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so crap, even while you’re working so hard to improve your health. I know what that’s like. Power to you for trying something else. What’s to lose, right? My feeling is that it would be more powerful for you to commit to it 100% for a few weeks to a month, because then your body will be able to really do some housecleaning. Allowing yourself animal products every 5 days will set you back in your healing. My 2 cents for what it’s worth. Good luck!

  18. M… Cancer or any other sickness or disease thrives in an acidic environment. Meat makes the body acidic, so your theory is weak. When the body is alkaline it closes the door to sickness and disease. To say a cooked meat or bone broth is healing is completely misguided. It’s comfort food. Fruits have their roll in the healing process and bring with it nutrients and enzymes unlike refined sugar. Anything cooked, including meat, has no enzymes. Meats contribute to inflammation and distributing free radicals in the body, cholesteraol, etc… Eat meat if that’s what you choose, but the rest of us understand the critical need to keep the body alkaline and for enzymes and the fullness of nutrients that fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes offer.

  19. Try using Chronometer to assess yourself regularly and make sure you vary what you are eating, avoid the same thing all the time. Get counseling and get spiritual, it does make it easier with God. Stay active as that helps with the ups and downs along with meditation, also have a support group on-line and in person. Also check out for deficiencies which can occur depending on the person, where they live and what they are exposed to or forget to eat, it can change season to season. Always keep healthy comfort foods for those rough times and even consider a thank you journal as it may reveal something you have overlooked. Drink a gallon of water and good liquids a day, avoid processed foods. When I made a list for myself of years and dates of illness and issues I found those years to be filled with vaccines, illness and medicines that wreaked havoc as well as an unhealthy lifestyle in public school. Surprise I am alive. Fortunately I loved good food but GI health was always poor until I went paleo and now can do more vegetarian and leaning more vegan. I have histamine issues that are heriditary so stress can change that but the right foods and enzymes really make a difference. Those right omegas and cruciferous veggies also do good things for men and women for hormone health. I do cook though as well as raw as various foods provide and release certain nutrients under certain conditions. I lump fermenting along with cooking although I know technically it is not . I also have rescued dogs for decades and realize for every year of bad eating = a month of perfect eating/living, so it takes time to dump the bad cells and rebuild them and the mid-point is the hardest. I pray a lot as I am in my mid-point and for me it will be a full year of these hard ups and downs with severe boughts of reactions, but each time it is better. Also many do liver/digestion cleansing every 6months. I have used milk thistle and Livton successfully, even have a dogs blood work on reducing her liver values to normal after being abnormally double what it should be. She was old and on drugs, she could not be operated on but we got her to live a pretty decent life of an additional 6 years with us, she died at age 16 with all her teeth and hair intact. My dh says she lived better with us than with most, she did not look her age and only struggled to walk in her last few months. So she is my inspiration along with some other folks and pups. There are some fruitarians that are amazing, but you need to live where it grows and have a warehouse to live like that, not practical for most. The mediterranean diet has archeological evidence of the best health, even bone health, so I would not poo poo all foods, do what works for you. Prayers and keep it up, its a journey, try to enjoy it and bon appetit.

  20. Between nuts, seeds, foods like coconut and avacados, it is easy to meet what you need. Use something like Chronometer I believe you can even input a certain diet style. There are also other programs to help you monitor, also consider 1 gallon of water and good fluids in a day and see my notes above. Stick with it, I have reduced my autoimmune numbers in half and even improved my eyesight. Look into organic pinetree tea, arborvitae is the easiest to find around and high in vitamins.

  21. How are you today? I started paleo with support, psuedo vegetarian trying to go vegan. I have histamine issues so I am limited in foods making it all hard but the right foods and enzymes can change a lot, use Chronometer to help monitor things.

  22. Minka i really relate to your struggle and have been on the treadmill you describe above for years, resulting in me now being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Follow the advice below, i cannot recommend Susan Pierce Thompson and Bright Line Eating enough, Susan has totally changed my life and i am on a journey to getting happy thin and free right now. She addresses all of the issues you have been experiencing and more, and offers so much needed support along the way. Good luck x

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