Raw Foodie Profile – Superfit 7-Year Raw Vegan – Kiah Williams

Want to learn how you can look and feel like THIS even in your 50s?

7-Year Raw Vegan, Kiah Williams

7-Year Raw Vegan, Kiah Williams

This is Kiah Williams, passionate raw food vegan who has been eating a low-fat fruit based raw food diet for the past 7 years.  And recently I had the pleasure of recording this interview with her.

If you’re interested in finding out the best way to tone your body, with minimal effort and maximum effect, then this interview is definitely for you.

Do you struggle with overeating or emotional eating? Often inhaling your food and hardly even remembering the experience, instead of practicing mindful eating?

In this interview, Kiah, talks about how she helps people loosen the vice-like grip that overeating can have on your life.  She shares her number one tip for overcoming emotional eating.

Kiah has been a fully qualified personal trainer for over 15 years and has personally competed in figure class bodybuilding competition. Today she coaches people of all ages and passions in using mindfulness for both strength training and food management.

Check out my interview with Kiah HERE:

In this Interview we discuss…

  • What brought Kiah to healthy plant-based eating in the first place – Her battle with chronic disease.
  • The life shift that turned her onto a raw vegan diet and why she has stuck to it for so long.
  • Her experiences of menopause on a raw vegan diet.
  • Her best advice for recovery from emotional eating
  • How she incorporates mindfulness into her strength training program for maximum results.

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This is an audio interview. We intended to do a video but I stuffed up! (Sorry Kiah!) The audio is still really wonderful though, and I know you guys will get loads of value from listening to it.

And if you like the music and want to hear more, check out my lovely friend and African Kora player, Miriam Lieberman.

Private Raw Retreats

When Kiah told me about what she offers for some of her private clients I was blown away. Living in Far North Queensland, in fruit-lover’s tropical paradise, in her stunning timber pole-house, she is able to offer a raw lifestyle immersion experience like no other. If this sounds like the kind of experience you’re interested in then you can contact her HERE.

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