Are we meant to eat nuts on a raw vegan diet?

Nuts are recommended as a healthy snack by Standard Western dietitions – a handful a day to stave off cravings for unhealthy foods.  But are nuts really that healthy?

Nut allergies are on the rise, and we are already eating diets very high in fats of all kinds, but particularly Omega 6 fatty acids.

Not to mention the less than ideal commercial production processes of nuts and seeds.

Well, Jon Kozak, 5-year raw vegan and raw health educator, is NOT a fan of these compact little parcels of fat.

And in today’s interview he speaks with me about why he is nuts about no nuts… check it out!


Did you enjoy this video?  Do you consume nuts?  How do they make you feel?Don’t forget to leave a comment below…

Jon’s recipe book “Nuts about No Nuts” can be found HERE.

  1. TY!!! You are both so inspiring! I have cut down on the nuts and seeds over the years… especially nuts. Very rare that I have them. But I do still ‘partake’ of a bit-o raw tahini and hemp or chia or flax… thinking the latter 3 are important for the O3’s. I always worry about that. I never know what to believe about all that! Anyway… what about HEMP? You didn’t mention it. Or coconut/young coconut… and avo (I know that’s not a nut or seed, but still a fat)… Thank you again!
    Tri 🙂

  2. Very interesting idea and I agree with what Jon says about nuts and seeds. However, since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis last year I am now concerned about getting enough protein in my diet. So, I’m wondering if a raw, nut and seed free diet will provide enough protein?

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