Raw Recipe: Radicchio, Corn & Apple Salad

Radicchio, Corn & Apple Salad - So simple and delicious!

Radicchio, Corn & Apple Salad – So simple and delicious!

I went to a conference not that long ago at Bell’s Retreat Centre, Killcare, and the Chef asked me how I would like them to cater for my particular dietary preferences!  That was the first wow.

So I sent them an outline of what I eat.

The 2nd wow was turning up to lunch and discovering that the Chef hadn’t actually received the outline, but instead had gone and bought a copy of my e-book just to see what I ate!

Now that’s what I call GREAT service.

But the third wow was by far the best of all.  The completely unique salad they created was seriously the best salad I have ever eaten.  It needed no oil, vinegar or even a fat of any kind to make it zing.  And It was so simple.

So I’m going to share the recipe for you here…

Radicchio, Corn and Apple salad.

1 handful of baby Radicchio

1 handful of baby beet leaves

Kernels from 1/2 an ear of corn

1 small green apple finely sliced

A squeeze of lemon juice

Directions: Wash and dry your greens.  Combine all your ingredients in a bowl and squeeze on the lemon juice.  Add some cracked pepper.  Delicious.

You gotta try this and let me know how you liked it.  What unusual salad combinations do you like?  Come on over and leave a comment for me below…