Q&A – Fruits or Greens?

Today’s weekly vlog Q&A comes courtesy of subscriber Shannon from Canada who is asking about whether I eat greens and seeds like Chia for omega 3’s and how my diet has changed over time.

She was frightened by Dr Joel Furhmann’s findings that many low fat vegans were coming to him with cardiovascular problems as a result of their omega 3 deficiencies.

Is it possible to get heart disease on a vegan diet when you’re not consuming animal products at all?  It turns out, it is.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts on this important topic…

  1. Anthea, have you had any digestive or other issues when combining fats (like hemp) with fruit? What are your recommendations regarding that? Thanks.

  2. Furhman is experiencing symptom from raw eating vegetables. According to Hilton Hotema, a vegetarian is no more healthy than a meat eater for too many vegetables are loaded with earthy minerals causing hardening of the arteries, atheroma etc., for vegetables contain toxins and earthy material that lodge on the arteries and joints creating hardening of tissues. THE DOCTRINE OF TRUTH BY Lewis E.Cook and Yunko Yasui are very explicit that food never gets to be part of our structural body. The body only extracts the suitable materials or elements in order for the blood to transport them to different tissues and cells. That is why clean food, devoid of poison, is so important.

    The blood is only the transportation system. No earthy matter. Look at well water is good water but, have earthy matter. Grain or farinaceous are not suitable for human consumption creating earthy residual and atheroma. Fruit,nuts ,seeds and herbs and seeds. Remember these vegetables are man created as a result of hybridation through out times. None of these vegetables in the market available now a days were in existence in the past.

    Carbon copy the animals in the wild. They look so healthy. I have never seen a monkey taking the gorilla or the lion to a hospital. Humbly,Rafael

  3. I’m about halfway through Hotema’s book – it’s great. He does talk about transition being important though. That we can’t go from eating everything to breatharianism in one step. I think vegetables may be an important stepping stone in the process of lightening up our diets, while we let go of grains and animal products. Thanks for sharing, Rafael.

  4. Generally I don’t combine fats with sweet fruits, Amelia. Chia and flax are the exception. They seem to combine okay with fruits, for me. I would say really listen to your body though.

  5. Thanks, Anthea! I appreciate the feedback. I am pleased to hear that your tastes changed over time until you now prefer so many greens. I also liked the reminder about planning and logging your meals into Chronometer to make sure you’re hitting your nutrition targets.

    I’m enjoying all your videos; many thanks for posting.

  6. Calcification of the arteries and tissues would be from vitamin K2 deficiency and possibly kidney issues (kidneys regulate minerals). Alkaline minerals are good for you. Vitamin D3 will cause calcification if K2 is inadequate or absent. Minerals will be present in cooked or raw plant foods, not just raw.

  7. Your 50 /50 fruit / greens – is it calories or volume?
    How many calories do you eat per day?
    How do you get enough calories?

    1500 calories / day is 225 in Fat, how many calories in fruit carbs?

  8. Hi Mary, No it’s 50/50 in volume, not calories. I’m currently eating 1650 per day because I have 2 more kilos to lose to get back to my ideal weight (after my relapse a few months ago). I expect this will go up to around 2000-2200 when I hit my goal in a few weeks time. My plan yesterday was 240cals of salad greens, non-sweet fruits (including cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots), 50 cals of avocado, & the rest was fruit.

  9. It’s made up of cucumber, zucchini and leafy greens. Currently eating 40oz of cucumbers each day, plus leafies on top 🙂 I eat them chopped, and in a big salad at night. Sometimes I might blend a small portion into a smoothie bowl, soup or nicecream.

  10. Hi Anthea
    My husband and i have been vegan mostly raw for close to 2 years now.. I have been up and down trialing grains for sooo long now and realise i am gluten intollerant so have given up gluten two weeks ago completely which isn’t too hard as we don’t eat much processed food. We have cut everything bad out but im trying to get a good balance of putting good back in . We eat two big green salads per day with fruit in them and sometimes potato both white and sweet and usually add to one of the salads some avacado and pumpkin seeds. On the odd occasion we do a cooked meal of vege curry and the rest is made up of fruit.. My husband still has oats and maybe wholegrain bread . My digestion has been terrible and i haven’t been absorbing iron amongst other minerals due to the gluten etc. Im wondering if what we are doing is going to cut it in your opinion or do i need to be adding more in?? We need to concentrate more on seeds i think to add in and we have just remembered to take a vit b 12 supplement which has been in the cupboard for i don’t know how long being forgotten woops. I really just want to feel great again ( or have i ever felt great?)and build up my immune system. Any help would be awesome thanks

  11. Sounds like the grains may have been playing havoc with your absorption of minerals, Sharon. Try cutting them out altogether, and make sure you soak all seeds and nuts to remove the phytates which can bind to minerals and remove them from your body. While your body is healing you may need to supplement with an iron supplement and I really recommend spatone iron for that. Basically well water rich in iron, which doesn’t make you constipated at all and will get your levels up fast. Once your digestive tract has healed you’ll be able to absorb minerals from your food much better. Good luck! 🙂 This is general advice by the way. More specific advice would need require a full assessment and private coaching.

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