Q&A Vlog – Should we combine fruits with vegetables?

Is it important to eat fruits separately from vegetables?

This great question came into my email inbox from subscriber Zelda last week, so I thought I’d do a quick video blog answering it.

Here’s Zelda’s question…

Hi Anthea!

Over the years, going back and forth from making healthy attempts, to giving up, on one diet or another, I have heard different things, many which conflict with each other.  For example, eating raw foods, I noticed that fruits and vegetables are often mixed together in recipes.  I had heard that fruits and vegetables shouldn’t really be mixed because they require different enzymes to digest them.  It would certainly be easier not to worry about separating fruits from vegetables!  Food combining.  Have you any info on this?

– Zelda, USA

I surely do, Zelda…

Don’t have time to watch the video?

In a nutshell, It is important to separate some foods from others so as to improve digestibility and reduce gut dysbiosis (reflux, bloating, gas, IBS symptoms of alternating loose bowels and constipation) but on a raw vegan diet it’s a whole lot easier because we are making a conscious choice not to eat certain foods like meat, dairy and grains which make food combining more difficult.

In this video I talk about:

  • The different enzymes that our body produces for digesting different foods – Protease, Amylase and Lipase.
  • How on a raw vegan diet it’s much easier to get food combining right.
  • How Fruits actually combine beautifully with all non-starchy vegetables, particularly greens.
  • How Starchy vegetables are best eaten away from fruit, and combine best with vegetables and fats.

What’s been your experience with food combining on a raw vegan or high raw vegan diet?  Please share below…

  1. Anthea,

    Happy New Year! Wow! You look amazing! If this is what you look like in the morning, after a run and no make up, my gosh, you are a natural beauty.

    Thanks for inspiring.


  2. Thanks Anthea. I really enjoy listening to your advice, especially since the foods that you are eating are also in season in my part of Australia too. And I am also experiencing the same weather conditions!
    For some strange reason I’m able to have a green smoothie with bananas, dates, leafys as well as sunflower seeds, pepitas and a delicious spoonful of tahini. Does this make any sense because at the same time my stomach is pretty sensitive after years of binge eating?
    Thanks, Julie

    1. Hi Julie – thanks 🙂 I don’t normally recommend combining fats like seeds and nuts with sweet fruit because it causes fermentation in the gut. Fruits digest very fast, fats digest very slow. To combine them together creates a traffic jam and can have unpleasant side-effects. The exception seems to be chia or flax in small quantities which seem to combine pretty well with fruits.

      1. Thanks Anthea for this very “real” advice, although it’s a bitter pill to swallow for a food addict like me . I guess I’ll just have to let go of this sooo delicious combination (not so delicious for my digestion, however).
        Is it OK to eat sub-acid and acid fruits with fats?
        Thanks, Julie

  3. I enjoy watching your Vlogs and learning about raw eating from you. You have such a calm kind way of sharing that I really enjoy. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Anthea, that was great. We have used our old food combining chart for about 30 years now. we eat our fats only with vegetables ,That is oils, nuts ,fruit{ macadamias, pecans, pine nuts and avocado, olives and if I ate coconut it would be in this group} and we seldom put fruit and vegetables together, mind you we also do the eat right for your type [ the blood type diet] and have for over 18 years now. This is easy at home but makes eating out a little harder. like anything, once you get the hang of it it is easy. Thanks for your commitment Allison and Fred

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