Q&A Vlog – Conventional vs. Organic produce on raw?

“How can you afford to eat all that produce?”

“Doesn’t it get expensive??”

I get these questions A LOT.
Do you HAVE to eat ALL organic to get amazing results?  The short answer is NO.
Here’s part three of Zelda’s question from last week…

It seems that in our area, organic foods cost more.  To have produce as the main staple in all our meals, it would require a lot more money to buy it.  So often, it isn’t even easy to locate organic foods. 

My question about this, is to wonder if non-organic produce could be as transformative to better health as organic? 

How much money is required, per week, on average, to maintain such a raw food diet?  (Currently, we eat squashes, rice, beans, other grains, and such . . . all which require cooking and which help fill hunger.  These types of plants would not be considered for consumption on a raw-food diet, correct?)  Is there information somewhere, about a weekly grocery list?  How to get around the expense?
Thank you for giving your time to answer!


– Zelda, USA

Here are my thoughts on this great topic in this week’s Vlog Q&A –

Don’t have time to watch the video?
Here’s a synopsis.  In this video I talk about:
  • Whether you can still get results on raw if all you ever eat is conventional produce
  • My best tips on keep your costs LOW.  How to shop for raw vegan foods on a budget.
  • My recent produce haul (with video footage) and how much I spent on it.
  • How much I roughly spend weekly on fruits and veggies 🙂

How do you keep your costs down when shopping for produce?  Does your produce manager have a nickname for you yet?? 😉

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  1. sometimes we want to save money on food but the problem is we need to change our thinking. we need to go back to the old ways. did you know we educate ourselves about the health benefits of tree leaves. most places have tree leaves, they are free. have you researched the heath benefits of mulberry leaves? after all the white mulberry leaf is the only food of the silk worm. there are so many trees. please educate yourselves. the tree leaves can be dried for winters use. they can be blended into smoothies, into salad dressings and many other uses as well.
    we so many times over look what is growing for us for free.

    if you have a spot for a fruit tree you can plant 3 or 4 fruit trees in the same hole. the trees will do fine. you can eat their leaves and plant veg under the trees. plant your lettuce on the side of the tree for afternoon shade. you can plant grapes to climb the trees. grape leaves are very nutritious and highest in Resveratrol, asians have been using grape leaves for centuries in their food prep. the young shoots of the grape vine can be used in smoothies.

    for saving money on produce there is nothing like growing our own with high quality mulch. the mulch can usually be free. you can mix 2 parts leaves 1 part arborist chips. the first year put this mulch on 6 inches deep. keep moist with the best water you have. small sprinklers work best, you want a very fine spray. once you have about 6 months to one year on your mulch you can just throw seeds out there and keep moist for the first few weeks and easily start harvesting food. greens are the easiest to grow. you can toss veg scraps out on your mulch and cover with more mulch, the earth worms will love you. anything but growing your own is unsustainable. plus there is nothing like the flavor you get from food fresh picked from mulched rich soil. my watermelons this year were amazing. i just ate watermelon for over a month. even ate a 42 pound watermelon in one day just to see if i could. guess what? i could. lol. if you do not have any spot of soil and you live in a city. you can grow soil grown sunflower greens in your closet. by the way, sunflower greens taste amazing. and they sell for $20 per pound i have done this when i lived in a small trailer. i grow black oil seed sunflower seed. you just need a florescent light or a sunny window for the last few days. you can recycle your soil. using gathered leaves in the mix. you can use some ocean water for mineralization, yes the ocean is sick but have you seen how the farmers treat the land? the land is far more sick than the ocean. if you do not want to teach yourself how to grow sunflower greens. sunflower greens are a complete food. you can live on them. and if you are not willing start growing in trays you can grow other sprouts such as clover, alfalfa, broccoli in jars then transfer to something like a stainless steel wok. this may be the best use of a wok yet.


    you can use any type of container you like to grow your sprouts larger. the best thing is to use something you have.

    it does take work to grow your own food and you are worth it. your body will thank you

    i made a fresh food supper for a friend of mine that eats a lot of the common food people eat in the usa and my friend said he had so much energy after the evening meal he stayed up late. to me this tells how much easier it is on the human body when consuming fresh food. most people are drug addicts they just do not know it. they use food as a drug. when they are happy they use food as a drug when they are sad they use food as a drug. and they say they would never do drugs. well look around what do you see?

    i have more energy and stamina than most people i know. it is not the food in your life , it is the life in your food, and when you pick it fresh from your own garden the energy is many fold magnified that you get from consuming the fresh raw food.

    how old is that organic lettuce you purchased in the store? maybe 10 days old. something to think about.

    please educate yourself. you are the one you have been waiting for.

    peace and blessings

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