Q&A Vlog – Should we really eat raw through the winter?

Are humans really designed to eat raw fruits and veggies through ALL the seasons?  Even when it’s snowing outside?
This is part two of Zelda’s question from last week…
Here’s Zelda’s question…
Hi Anthea!
Another question I have concerns the diet itself, as being the most natural for human beings.  Ideally and ethically, I think this is true.  However, I live in a very cold climate in winter. 
In order to eat food, in general, things get shipped here.  We can grow things in the summer months, but if we expect to eat those foods during winter, they need to be canned or frozen, which requires cooking.  Are most raw food successes being done in warmer climates?  When you are freezing, warm or cooked foods help to warm you up, don’t they?  Observations of where I live, I have questioned this.
– Zelda, USA
Here are my thoughts in this week’s Vlog Q&A –

Don’t have time to watch the video?
Here’s a synopsis.  In this video I talk about:
  • What comparative anatomy can teach us about what is the optimal diet for humans – Basically, we are Frugivores.
  • My best tips on sustaining a raw vegan diet through winter – prepping, calorie intake, climate control.
  • Examples of raw vegan success in cold climates – There are many!

How do you keep warm through winter on a raw vegan or high raw vegan diet?  Do you have specific obstacles?  Please share your experience below…

  1. I did not have the chance to watch the video. If you want to eat 100% live foods on winter don’t forget to add spices to your meals. For example cinnamon to your  chia pudding or live oatmeal. Add  cardamom to your coconut water. Make lime/lemon lemonade with mint or spearmint. You have lots of choices or ideas to choose. When u r eating live foods for many years your body will be adapted and when is cold outside your body will automatically adjust your temperature or sensation of cold. Don’t be in panic. Go organic and keep eating live foods! Gratitude! Blessings!

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