How to recover from a raw vegan relapse like a BOSS!

There are some times in life when you just want to do the old doona dive.  Right now for me is one of those times.

My little saboteur is telling me to  hide, eat and lie right now.

That’s what she tells me whenever I have a relapse.

But I’ve learned not to listen.  And in fact to do the exact OPPOSITE.

If you have ever struggled with emotional or compulsive eating or food addiction, I made this latest video for you.

If nothing else, I hope you learn…

Compassion for yourself.

In it I share about how I’m recovering from a recent relapse, and getting back on track in lightening speed.

In this video I share about:

  • What triggered the relapse after FOUR of the most amazing, peaceful and free bright line raw vegan months.
  • The 5 things I’m doing that are proven to help you get back on track FAST after a relapse.
  • Why I’m going on a healing retreat (at home) this week and putting my recovery FIRST, even when I feel like I can’t afford the time.


If you struggle too, I really hope you enjoy the video and find some value in it.  If it helps ONE person then the embarrassment will have been worth it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so PLEASE leave a comment below…

If you suspect you may have issues with food addiction then you might like to do the Bright Line Eating Susceptibility quiz to discover whether you are susceptible to the addictive properties of refined foods.  You can find it HERE.

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  1. I love this… Thank you for your authenticity and vulnerability..
    March 7, 2010, I started my raw vegan journey.. Within 21 weeks, I’d lost 46 pounds, put my glucose, cholesterol, and bp in the normal ranges and found my happy… Within 4 months I was teaching classes with my chiropractor, catering raw vegan meals, Teaching classes at Whole Foods and throughout the community, having Whole Foods sponsor me, getting my food into retail grocery stores and within 11 months, opening a raw vegan restaurant, in Tulsa, OK, one of the fattest, sickest states in the nation… Seven years, later, I’ve closed my raw vegan restaurant, lost my dad, lost a job due to downsizing, been extremely discouraged, moved from OK to South Dakota to be closer to family and I still find myself wondering what I was meant to do, even though I know what I was meant to do… I appreciate your testimony of hard ship, hard decisions, hard results… You so inspire me… I am teaching that this can be a sustainable lifestyle, but when I see your video and realize, that I am not alone… How can I make this happen???

    1. Wow – what a story, Denise. Life really does throw us curve-balls, doesn’t it? I’m sure you are so much more resilient through all your struggles and that you have even more to offer people because of your struggles. Sounds like you’re a powerhouse raw vegan educator. You’ll get back there – I have faith.

  2. Hi Anthea,
    Thank you for this video. I am a compulsive eater as well. And have fallen off the wagon many times. Does you book “Raw Warrior” have measurement amounts for the food? or a generic food plan to follow? I started the BLE challenge, but what web site do you go to to put your daily menu into to get a list of your nutritional values including the amount of protein you are eating and how much you need? How much legumes do you eat periodically? Anytime I get imbalanced fruit or fat I have sinus issues. I feel great on fruit, but my blood sugar shoots up into 200’s . What am I doing wrong? Would grazing cause that? If you have a good food plan in your book (with measures) that I could use, I can go back to my OA group for actual daily support, commitment daily, reading, writing, and connecting with other compulsive eaters. Thanks.

    1. Hi Robbie, My book contains more general information with recipes, but people who purchase it get access to the private FB support group where I post my daily food logs. There are a bunch of raw foodie BLE people in there also doing the same. Check out this article about how I combine BLE with Raw – I use Cronometer to track my daily nutrition and plan my food. Blood sugar issues are usually a result of too much fat in your diet, not fruit. Keep you fat calories below 10% of total.
      Regarding OA – I didn’t find it to be helpful in helping me stick to a specific plan, but yes you are welcome. FA was better but they won’t support a raw vegan plan. BLE is the best for support in doing what you want to do. All the best.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey. It’s really inspiring and helpful to hear some strategies to help get back to healthy eating. Are you going to try IF again?

    1. Hi Daria, I do plan on trying it again but not until I’m really stable with my food again, so probably a month of bright lines back. Then I plan to only shift my curfew for eating back by 15 mins per week, no more. Lesson learned 🙂

  4. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. It must have been very hard to do, considering your position as coach and having a website, but you are a great example for us of the importance of being accountable. By hearing your story, I want that accountability and have chosen a friend who is also a raw vegan to do that with. (most of my friends and people I know don’t understand, and think we’re crazy for doing this lifestyle, but we are thriving and not suffering from illnesses and having to take prescription drugs.)

    I really appreciate your emails and videos. I purchased your Raw Warriors Ultimate Kickstart guide. Again, it was encouraging to hear your story, especially after I slipped in overeating over the weekend! I am actually not overweight, but do tend to overeat the healthy foods at times, and do not like my lack of control at those times. Thank you so much.

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