Overt fats and flax crackers on a low-fat raw vegan diet?

Last week I had this question come in about raw fats:

Dear Anthea –

Thank you for your videos. Excellent education.  Any chance you can please do a video for us on eating raw fats and raw vegan dehydrated foods like flax or coconut wraps. Also coconut meat, avocados and nuts/seeds. Thank you so much.

– Anna

So I decided to make this video…    (And I left this silly wide-eyed thumbnail still of me up just so that I don’t take myself too seriously 😉


In a nutshell, I don’t eat a whole lot of raw overtly fatty foods like nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut.  Left to my own devices I can tend to overeat on these types of foods and they don’t make me feel good 🙁

So I plan my food and include a small amount only (around 10-15% of calories) and that helps keep my energy levels high.

I also don’t eat a whole lot of flax crackers or onion flax wraps, even though there are so many lovely recipes out there, and I share why in this video.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below..