What is “ENOUGH” protein on a raw vegan diet?

I got an email from someone last week who was confused by my raw vegan diet.

“But why don’t you eat any quality vegan protein?”  she asked.

Her question was indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding that most people have about protein.

So I decided to make this video for you to explain about protein, amino acids and our real need for them and whether or not we can get enough on a low fat raw vegan diet.

This is the result…


In this video I talk about the amount of protein that the World Health Organisation says we need daily for optimal health, and it’s far less than you think.  I also share some great resources that helped me determine EXACTLY how much protein I need per day.  And just how much protein you would get even if you ONLY ate bananas all day.

Let me know your thoughts on this hot topic in the comments section below…

  1. Thanks Anthea. I was vegetarian for 32 years and have been vegan for 5 years. The question about protein is always being brought up from people who eat meat and I think it is their justification to keep eating it! My eating is a minimum of 90% raw and the remainder cooked is made up of 6oz lentils or chickpeas, soy beans or black beans and lightly sauteed vegetables in water at dinner. I have blood tests annually to keep an eye on my Bs and the other regular things (cholesterol, Vitamin D etc) and all my vegetarian/vegan life doctors are amazed at my readings, without meat, including a blood pressure of 95/65!!!! I am fortunate to receive compliments that I don’t look my age (65) and that I look so fit and it is definitely because of my lifestyle.

  2. Loved hearing what you said about protein, or actually, amino acid requirements. My ebook, CHEF, has charts in it which breakdown common foods with their amino acids if you ate nothing but each one all day, like your banana example. You might recall me from having written the Foreword for Doug Graham’s book you mentioned. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi, there is one thing I and reason I do not like reading recipes, books, especially a book of recipes. I would rather purchase a REAL BOOK, to have and read anytime, and when I feel the need to research. So, this is one reason I would not purchase any reading material in book form on or through the Computer/on line. Now, do you have a book on raw eating in another book?? If so please e-mail me. Thank you for all of your information on the video.

  4. Hi Ruth, Thanks for commenting. Long time fan of your work, ever since Audrey Wild’s Brilliant Body Health Summit 6 years ago(?). I believe I have your book Chef somewhere. I’ll dig it out and check out the charts. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful, WONDERFUL results on your high raw plant-based diet, Narelle. I think it’s just ignorance that prompts that question. I know I asked it before I became educated on the matter. I’m happy to educate people, because how will they know otherwise. Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Anthea, enjoyed this video on protein. Protein is for growth and repair. How much growth and repair do people need? I believe the WHO is working with the industries. My protein max is 26 g daily. Most women should be 30 g or less. Men 35 g or less. Our government “experts” say 46 g for women; 56 g for men. Their “expert” advice has put America behind the eight ball. We spend more on medical care than any other country. The Protein Myth needs to be dispelled.
    I ask for guidance in everything I do…and at 83 feel 60 years younger. I do 3500 or more stairs daily and have been doing this for the last 2-1/2 years. Half way to a million this year. I eat primarily raw fruit…no nuts or seeds…and don’t lose an ounce. Doug Graham’s info on eating a large amount of raw fruit is right on. Mankind came out of the jungle and this was our original food. People don’r like to compare themselves to gorillas, but their foods are fruit and greens. When nutrition studies started Dr. Kellogg of later Cornflakes fame…studied rats to determine human diet. It has caused lots of health problems. Rats eat hard raw grains; humans could never eat unprocessed grains. There is no physiological similarity, between a human and a rat.

  7. Thanks for sharing your wisdom here, Barbara. Yes, the WHO stats are based on a population of cooked food eaters who are eating denatured proteins so it stands to reason that Raw vegans should need a bit less. Congrats on the stairs! Wonderful and inspiring at your age. But it should be the norm, right?!

  8. I just found your site and am curious to know if a type 2 diabetic can safely eat the diet you Recommend? Perhaps you have already written about this? Thank you.

  9. Hi Valerie, Apologies I’ve only just seen your message. The answer is a resounding yes! Many Type 2 diabetics I know have recovered and no longer take medication eating a low fat raw vegan (fruit-based) diet. What causes blood sugar issues is too much fat (and refined sugar – not fruit) in the diet blocking the insulin receptors from doing their job. Robby Barbaro & Cyrus Kambhatta Phd are two type 1 diabetics who blog about his topic regularly as they have both been able to seriously reduce their insulin needs by following this approach. Type 2’s have the ability to come off medication altogether.

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