Overcoming Eating Addictions and Healing on a Raw Vegan Diet

Have you heard the story of my food addiction and compulsive overeating recovery?  In this interview, Jade Tornquist of The Rawsome Truth Youtube channel,  interviews me about my healing journey.   I turn 46 this year and it has taken me roughly 30 years to find healing in this area.

I found many, many solutions through a low-fat raw vegan diet, but even this way of eating has not fully resolved my binge-eating behaviours.  In this interview I share about what is really working for me now and allowing me to find freedom from food obsession and relapse, one day at a time.

I so hope you enjoy this interview and find value in it.  Please share about your own experiences with food addiction and compulsive eating, any future videos or blogs questions or topics you’d like me to address.

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This specific website has been absolutely invaluable for my being able to find deep and lasting recovery.  Check out the Special Edition recordings.  There is incredible long-term recovery there – So much hope and so much to learn.  http://www.avision4you.info/special-editions/