Recipe – Raw Vegan Porridge

This week I’m bringing you a recipe for my favourite raw vegan breakfast indulgence. 

Honestly, after you’ve tried this you’ll never want to eat oatmeal again.  This is just so, so good.  This recipe is one of my Fresh Start Program recipes, but it’s so good I’d love to share with all my beautiful people 🙂

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Low Fat Raw Vegan Porridge

Raw Vegan Porridge

So, so, so good.  You’ll need a food processor for this recipe or you could just use your blender on a pulse setting, but you don’t want to over blend it.


3 bananas (chopped)

2 apples (chopped)

1-2 stalks celery, trimmed (optional)

½ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp cardamom

½ tsp mixed spice

1tbsp Ground flax or chia

Toppings of your choice – Coconut yoghurt, Dried coconut flakes, chopped cucumber (My favorite!).


Put 2.5 of the chopped bananas and 1.5 of the chopped apples in your food processor with the spices.  Add in the chopped celery if you would like.  Process until it is the texture of porridge, not completely smooth.  Pour into a pretty bowl.  Now add some finely chopped banana and apple from the remaining fruit to the top and also any other toppings you favour.  You will never feel like you need hot cereal again.

How would you make this raw vegan porridge even better?  Feel free to share your ideas below in the comments section.

If you know someone who’d love this recipe please feel free to share it with them.  Sharing’s caring 🙂

  1. Persimon! Dates, Nuts, Seeds, Pomegranate, Avocado. When these items are in season. I would choose a savoury porridge one day, still using the base you suggest, without the banana but with salsa type ingredients, micro grated vegan parmesan and maybe something spicy on top. A sweet porridge the next based on all the listed ingredients and chia seeds or flax seeds. Gosh, a person need never be bored on any day! The combinations of your favourite things can be endless.

  2. Sprouted chickpeas or lentils add a great crunch and will make this breakfast stick. Without them this would be too light for me.

  3. Anthea, could this be made in the Optimum blender? Is it more efficient to use a food processor because you can remove the blade and get all of the product?

  4. If you do it in the blender, Pat, just use the pulse option and only press it a couple of times, otherwise it will turn into a smoothie. A food processor keeps the texture like that of porridge.

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