Salty Crunchy Cravings on a raw vegan diet?

I used to get terrible cravings for salty, crunchy foods on my fruit-based low-fat raw vegan diet. So much so that I would binge on crackers and chips, and this would completely derail me.

In today’s vlog I share about how I resolved them…

Cravings generally mean that you’re body is missing something in terms of nutrients. If you don’t have one already I put together this free one page Raw Vegan Balanced Nutrition Checklist, which you can use to make sure you’re getting all your nutrient needs met on a raw vegan diet.

But basically, if you’re not eating enough greens in your diet you’re likely to crave salty foods because what you’re really craving is sodium.

Greens like celery, cucumbers, zucchinis, leafy green veggies are very high in sodium so try to include them at most of your meals. Greens combine beautifully with fruits of all kinds.  Put them in smoothies, juices or simply mix them in with your fruits in a salad.

Sometimes simply by adding a little tamari or miso to your salad dressing you can really satisfy those cravings for salt.  I have found that including a very small amount of these types of foods has allowed me to stay on track eating my high raw vegan diet.  I used to try to avoid them altogether and it just ended up making me crazy for unhealthy cooked salty vegan foods.

To satisfy the craving for crunchy foods, try mixing up a big bowl of chopped celery and apple.

How have you handled your cravings?  Let me know your thoughts on this topic below. Feel free to ask any questions too!

  1. can you please talk about what veggies and fruits go together at one setting. like you explained celery and apples. can you give like a plan for mixing together. thank you so much. like I learned the other day, melons should be eaten alone. is that true?

  2. I eat potatoes chips and spit them out in a bag so I get all the pleasure of eating something crunchy without putting all that stuff inside me

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