Some great little tips for big results!

I was asked to contribute something for this beautiful infographic, giving tips on how to create healthy lifestyle changes through small actions.

The main focus is on how food, sleep, and exercise can affect our body and, more specially, our metabolism. The small choices that we make everyday can really impact our bodies in more ways than we know. 

Cellular function and NAD+, which you can learn more about here, is a perfect example. Apart from discussing the science behind healthy living, the graphic also features some personal advice, including a tip of my very own. Here’s the little, big tip that ended up being featured…

Here’s the little, big tip they took from what I’d sent them…

“The pure water found in fruits and veggies is the most nourishing kind of water you can consume.  Try eating a day of only fruit and leafy greens, then switch to a day of cooked foo.  You’ll notice a profound difference in your hydration levels.”

The pure water in fruits and vegetables is distilled water.  Distilled water is so beneficial because it has the power to draw toxins into it and carry those toxins out of your body.

I hope you have a read of this infographic and glean some pocket tip that you can take with you today!