What is Real Raw Nutrition?

So, what’s all the fuss about raw foods?  Is it just a fad or the real deal?  And what about taking care of all your nutritional needs – is it even possible on a raw food diet?

This site has been designed to teach you everything you would ever need to know about the power of raw foods nutrition to heal and create optimal health in your life.  It will also teach you how to get started on a raw food or very high raw food diet, and how to avoid the pitfalls that most of us, including myself, have experienced along the path.

Even if you don’t want to ‘go raw’ 100% there’s plenty to learn about how to use raw foods to boost your health significantly.  There are still extraordinary, life-changing, benefits from adopting a high raw vegan diet.

There are plenty of raw food sites out there that look amazing and will give you loads of delicious, gourmet raw recipes to mimic your old standard western diet and this may seem helpful in transitioning to an all raw diet.  However, in my experience, complicated raw food recipes only served to complicate my life further, leaving me time poor and nutrient deficient over the long-term.

Real Raw Nutrition is about making raw foods work in the real world, for busy people with lives and jobs and families.  People like you and me.  Who want to get fit, fix health issues, feel fabulous and have fun!

I invite you to stick around for a while, devour all the information and inspiration you can from this site and through my various articles

If you’re looking for support in your raw foods journey or you’ve been trying to go raw for a while and have been struggling to get there then I recommend you check out my coaching program. 

I have always been very independent on my health journey, but there were particular points in time when I really benefited from the advice of someone who’d already beaten a path through the wilderness!  I’ve had two wonderful raw coaches over the past few years and have learned unique and transformative things from each one.

Who is Real Raw Nutrition?

I’m Anthea Frances; mother, writer, teacher and natural health practitioner.  My interest in natural health started about 18 years ago Anth 2when I first became aware that I always seemed to be sick. 

At the time I suffered from frequent colds and infections, allergies, recurrent yeast infections and fatigue.  I was overweight and constantly struggling with cravings for unhealthy foods.  

I remember going to picnics and falling asleep after eating, while everyone else was socializing and playing ball games around me.  I just thought it was normal to be like that…

The catalyst for my change came when my husband at the time said to me, “You’re always sick.  You must want to be sick all the time…”  At that moment a lightbulb went on inside me and I decided that I was going to be well.  I opened myself up to new knowledge about how to get well and that was a profound awakening.

First I experimented with the anti-candida diet and experienced a huge boost in my health.  This made me powerfully aware of how I could actually change the way I felt just by changing what I ate. 

It was an AMAZING revelation and I began to read voraciously, everything I could get my hands on about natural healing through diet.  I also started practicing and then teaching yoga, practicing remedial massage in my own business, and also teaching creative writing and literature (another of my passions in life!).

In 2004 I discovered the raw food diet, a high fat gourmet raw version of what I eat now, and fell in love with the way that I felt – super vibrant, slim and energetic.  I threw myself into it fully for 6 months, learning how to make all sorts of culinary creations using dehydrators, juicers and blenders. 

But I fell off the wagon when I went to a wedding, and quickly backslid into hot chips and pastries, all fatty high carbohydrate foods!  I realize now that I simply wasn’t eating enough carbohydrates from fruit and consequently was always hungry. 

I realized also that my digestion hadn’t been that great, eating all those high fat gourmet raw combinations.  I still struggled with bloating, pain and abnormal bowel movements.

I loved the raw food diet for the way it made me feel, so slim and energetic – but it just didn’t seem sustainable…

And I just didn’t have the time to be spending my life preparing food…

So I let it go.  For the next seven years I bumbled around trying various diets and programs to lose weight and heal the chronic health issues I was having:  IBS, chronic recurrent colds, bronchial infections and flus, recurring candida infections, acne, eczema, asthma, recurrent ear and sinus infections, Reynaud’s syndrome, insomnia and ongoing fatigue. 

I also struggled with compulsive eating and this seemed to be getting worse the more I tried to stop.  The more I tried to control my eating the more I would binge on foods I had sworn off.  I became really miserable… 

And every time I tried antibiotics I would have severe allergic reactions to the drugs.

In about 2006 I was suffering severe digestive reflux pain and was diagnosed with a Helicobacter Pylori infection.  I was put on Triple therapy (a course of two lots of heavy duty antibiotics combined with an acid-inhibitor).  Over the past 7 years I’ve had at least 3 courses of these drugs and the infection always returned.  Understandably my faith in western medicine waned significantly…

Finally, 2 and a half years ago, I came back to raw foods to heal myself and found relief within weeks. I learned a whole new, much simpler approach to raw foods, which has helped me sustain the diet over the long haul. 

I also learned to overcome my compulsive eating, which was an enormous factor in my full recovery.  (If you think or know that you have an eating disorder and would like help to overcome it, I recommend you check out my page on eating disorders, and how I’ve helped heaps of people find relief from their illness.  I work with people who have eating disorders for free, as part of my service to humanity.)

So there… that’s my story.  I’ve finally found my path of joy and bliss through eating the foods that completely nurture me, and helping others on their healing journey. 

I couldn’t be happier in my life… and I can’t wait to help you find your path too!

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