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Why Fruit is our Most Optimal Food?

I this short video answering questions, which are the essential food groups.  I would say, primarily – fruit has to be on top there. We need the carbohydrate, we need the glucose for energy, we need it for brain function, pretty much every cell in our body run on glucose including our brain cells and it’s the most easily digestible form of glucose we can eat.

Second is vegetables, fruit is really high in vitamins, but it’s quite low in mineral content, it does have some minerals. Fruit is low-ish in mineral content so we need those vegetables in order to get the minerals, in order to get the iron, the calcium, all those things in there.

So, I really recommend that fruit is primary, then vegetables lots of leafy green vegetables are really the most optimal thing that we can eat and what else, and omega 3s in the form of chia, flax.

Those 3 food groups, if you would eat just of those, you would pretty much get all of your nutrient needs met. So if you could focus on those 3 things, you’ll be covering pretty much all of your basis as long as you’re eating enough of those foods.

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Will I Gain Weight on Fruit? Fruit Phobics Listen up!

Let’s have a little friendly chat about gaining weight on fruit. 

In this short video, I address this whole issue with fruit and people’s massive fear of it – that if they eat fruit they will gain weight.  The bottom line is it’s such a huge myth!

What’s important to remember is that most people CAN eat a lot of fruit and, as long as you don’t combine it with a lot of fat, you won’t experience blood sugar issues,  and it won’t spike your blood sugar leaving that glucose circling in your bloodstream and causing all sorts of metabolic kind of disorder problems.

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Please comment below and let me know your experience with weight gain or loss on fruit.  I’d love to hear from you!


Can you gain weight on a raw vegan diet?


In this short video I talk briefly about weight loss and answer a Fresh Start 90 Day members question about whether it’s possible to gain weight on a raw vegan diet.

In short, I say that you definitely can but, that tendencies to overeat are not as great because naturally you feel more satiated eating this volume of food.  When our bodies are getting the nutrients that we need, then we’re not craving that other junky food we normally would be eating.

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Please comment below and let me know about your experience with losing weight on a raw vegan or high raw vegan diet.  I’d love to hear from you…