How to make an amazing salad WITHOUT a recipe

I rarely use recipes when I make my dinner salads these days.  I find it MUCH easier to simply take whatever ingredients I have on hand and combine them using the 5 flavours as a guide.

I made this video to show you how I do it…

The most important thing is to know what types of foods can fit into the 5 flavour categories:

Sweet (e.g. carrot, dried fruit, beets, fruits)

Salty (e.g. celery, tomato tamari, miso, salt, seaweed)

Bitter (e.g. many leafy greens like arugula/rocket, mustard greens, beet greens)

Pungent/Spicy (e.g. mushroom, nutritional yeast, spices etc)

Sour (e.g. citrus, vinegar)

Once you have an idea of what fits, you can then choose produce and condiments which make up the five flavours.

Add a fat – like nuts/seeds, nut/seed butters, coconut or avocado – and voila,  you have a killer salad that you created all by yourself!

It’s really liberating to not have to follow a recipe all the time, and it’s really not hard.  Start experimenting and your confidence will build.

What are your best tips for creating salads and dressings from scratch?  Please share them below…

Is it okay to juice when you’re a food addict?

While juicing has many health benefits it may not help those who suffer with addictive tendencies with food.

While juicing has many health benefits it may not help those who suffer with addictive tendencies with food.

I got this lovely email about juicing and food addiction from devoted subscriber Valerie ages ago and thought I’d address it in today’s blog post…

Hi Anthea!

Do you think that juice fasting is a good option for someone who wants to be raw vegan and who also has eating disorder/binge eating problems?

Would juicing work with Bright Lines? I’ve been flirting with raw vegan for months and keep falling back to binge eating and vegan junk food. I juiced for a week, felt awesome, dropped some weight… and tonight I binged and I feel so sick and awful. I’ve been contemplating adopting a meal plan like what you follow (three meals, fruit and greens) or doing a juice fast first, and then doing that meal plan.

I’ve been uninspired by food, and then crave old fall back foods like cake and chips. Part of my eating disorder is obsessing over what to eat and when to eat and what diet to follow and constantly changing my mind about what’s best, sometimes even 3 or more times a day!

I was hoping you could maybe share some insight with me about getting some peace of mind in my food decisions.


Why I don’t personally juice

Firstly, some clarification for people who don’t know what Bright Lines are… They are simply non-negotiable rules that you can choose to follow if you are susceptible to the influence of addictive foods or any addiction for that matter (You could have a bright line for buying things on the internet that you don’t need).

I’ve written about them many times over the past year since I began incorporating them into my raw vegan diet plan.

The four rules are No sugar (including maple syrup, honey, brown rice syrup and agave), No flour, Meals (usually 3 a day), quantities (bounded quantities determined with a food scale)

Bright lines have helped me find freedom around food obsession and the yo-yo binge-weightloss cycle. I absolutely LOVE them.

carrot-juice-1623157_640Juicing is NOT recommended for people who are very susceptible to refined foods because juicing is a refining process.

There are two main reasons why I don’t currently juice my food and choose to eat the majority of my foods in their whole form:

#1 – Juicing removes the fibre lattice

Juicing removes all or most of the fibre found in fruits and vegetables – fibre which is essential for good gut bacteria proliferation and the slow transfer of glucose into the blood stream and cells.

Juicing with fruits has been shown to raise blood sugar levels too fast, causing an insulin spike and then subsequent blood sugar crash. Insulin blocks leptin (the hormone which tells you when you’re full) in the brain causing you to want to eat more and more, even when you’re full, or not physically hungry.

Green juices that do not contain ANY fruit at all may not have the same effect in some people, however there is another major reason why I don’t consume even green juices right now…

#2 – Drinking your food can lead to subsequent overeating

I don’t juice and I RARELY even blend my food these days because I found that when I drank my food my brain would barely register that I had had a meal and that made me want to keep eating more and more.

pomegraniteclose-up-1835135_640It turns out that chewing is a crucial part of the healthy digestion process. Chewing triggers salivary glands to produce the right kind of enzymes to digest your food, but it also prepares your stomach and your brain for what’s coming down your oesophagus.

Chewing helps your brain come to terms with the volume of food you are eating, and combined with the fibre lattice it helps you register when you’re full.

Since I’ve been eating my meals in whole form I am far more aware of my meals and I reach satiety point more effectively.

I do sometimes blend a part of my meal. So for instance, this morning I took about 1/4 of my meal of fruits, cucumber, celery and hemp and put it in my blender. Then I transferred it to a bowl and put the rest of my chopped ingredients on top of the bowl. I ate it with a spoon and enjoyed every bite.

Eating your food with a spoon or fork, or with your hands also helps your brain register just how much you’re eating.

Special Note

If you find you are lower on the susceptibility scale for compulsive overeating then you may be able to tolerate green juices and blended foods without a problem. But if you’re very sensitive to refined foods then drinking your calories will really set you up for a whole lot of heartache.

It was tough letting go of juices and smoothies at the beginning, but now I really don’t miss them at all. I eat the most wonderful meals, I enjoy every single bite and I’m so grateful for the freedom that I experience from food obsession.

I don’t believe I’m getting any less nutrition because I’m not including juices in my diet currently.

I encourage you to try eating all your food whole and see for yourself 🙂

Please comment below about your experience with juicing. Does it work for you?

My morning routine sets me up for a rawking day

Routines are the BEST.

Without my morning routine I pretty quickly become unstuck.

 Here’s what I do to set myself up right for the day…

5am – Wake up and usually lie there for about 30 minutes thinking about stuff.

5.30am– Get up and stretch for a couple of minutes. Drink some water if I’m thirsty. I don’t usually feel thirsty much since I eat about 4L of water in my daily fresh fruits and veggie meals.

5.35am – Meditate for 20 mins (I set a timer, sit on the couch with my two whippets flanking me, and try to zone into my breathing and body sensations)

5.55am – Read an inspirational reading for 5 mins – At the moment I’m reading Daily meditations for recovery.


Not a great recent pic of me (no make-up, hair unbrushed) but it gives you an idea of what I look like at 45 on a mostly raw (about 95%) diet of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds.

6am – Workout for 45 mins to an hour. I either toddle off to the gym or take the dogs for a run with my friend Lucy. She has two daschunds, I have two whippets (the polar opposite dogs. LOL)

7am – Get my kids ready for school (and try not to have conniptions when my youngest son spends 20 mins in the shower and then misses the bus!), make breakfast, shower and dress.

Current daily food plan. The fruits and veggies change from day to day, but the total calorie count stays the same (unless I'm losing or gaining weight)

Current daily food plan. The fruits and veggies change from day to day, but the total calorie count stays the same (unless I’m losing or gaining weight)

8am – Post pictures of my fresh n’ fruity breakfast and daily food plan on the Fresh Start program Facebook page. I love being accountable to my group – It helps soooooo much in keeping me on track.

Eat a MASSIVE family-sized salad bowl of fruits and greens (leafies, cucumber or celery) with some hemp, flax or chia. It usually looks something like this…

My breakfast: Mango, Oranges, fresh Raspberries & cucumber

My breakfast: Mango, Oranges, fresh Raspberries & cucumber

8.30am – Start my day of work feeling energized and ready for the day. 🙂

Me at 45 years old at my ideal weight :) I love this lifestyle.

Me at 45 years old at my ideal weight 🙂 I love this lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed that little insight into my morning world 🙂 🙂

What do you do to set yourself up right for the day?  Please share in the comments below…

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How to recover from a raw vegan relapse like a BOSS!

There are some times in life when you just want to do the old doona dive.  Right now for me is one of those times.

My little saboteur is telling me to  hide, eat and lie right now.

That’s what she tells me whenever I have a relapse.

But I’ve learned not to listen.  And in fact to do the exact OPPOSITE.

If you have ever struggled with emotional or compulsive eating or food addiction, I made this latest video for you.

If nothing else, I hope you learn…

Compassion for yourself.

In it I share about how I’m recovering from a recent relapse, and getting back on track in lightening speed.

In this video I share about:

  • What triggered the relapse after FOUR of the most amazing, peaceful and free bright line raw vegan months.
  • The 5 things I’m doing that are proven to help you get back on track FAST after a relapse.
  • Why I’m going on a healing retreat (at home) this week and putting my recovery FIRST, even when I feel like I can’t afford the time.


If you struggle too, I really hope you enjoy the video and find some value in it.  If it helps ONE person then the embarrassment will have been worth it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so PLEASE leave a comment below…

If you suspect you may have issues with food addiction then you might like to do the Bright Line Eating Susceptibility quiz to discover whether you are susceptible to the addictive properties of refined foods.  You can find it HERE.

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What I eat in a day after 6 Years on a Low-fat raw vegan diet.

I know this is a long time coming, since I’ve been getting requests for a while now, but here it is finally – My very first ‘What I eat in a day’ video vlog!

In this video I include some information about how I combine my low-fat raw vegan diet with the structure that has helped me so much to heal my addictive/compulsive eating in Bright Line Eating.

I also talk about the best way to store cucumbers, if you like buying them in bulk like I do 🙂

And I walk you through how I plan my food using Cronometer and show you how I’m meeting ALL my nutrients needs by eating an abundance of raw fruits and veggies.

I’d love to hear what you think of my first What I eat in a day video! 🙂 🙂  so please comment below.


If you’d like more info on how I combine my raw vegan diet with Bright line eating then check out this blog post I wrote about it.

If you’re interested in doing Dr Susan Peirce Thompson’s Susceptibility quiz to discover whether you are susceptible to the addictive influences of refined foods then go HERE.

May all beings be happy and FREE (particularly of food and weight obsession)!!

Q&A Vlog – Conventional vs. Organic produce on raw?

“How can you afford to eat all that produce?”

“Doesn’t it get expensive??”

I get these questions A LOT.
Do you HAVE to eat ALL organic to get amazing results?  The short answer is NO.
Here’s part three of Zelda’s question from last week…

It seems that in our area, organic foods cost more.  To have produce as the main staple in all our meals, it would require a lot more money to buy it.  So often, it isn’t even easy to locate organic foods. 

My question about this, is to wonder if non-organic produce could be as transformative to better health as organic? 

How much money is required, per week, on average, to maintain such a raw food diet?  (Currently, we eat squashes, rice, beans, other grains, and such . . . all which require cooking and which help fill hunger.  These types of plants would not be considered for consumption on a raw-food diet, correct?)  Is there information somewhere, about a weekly grocery list?  How to get around the expense?
Thank you for giving your time to answer!


– Zelda, USA

Here are my thoughts on this great topic in this week’s Vlog Q&A –

Don’t have time to watch the video?
Here’s a synopsis.  In this video I talk about:
  • Whether you can still get results on raw if all you ever eat is conventional produce
  • My best tips on keep your costs LOW.  How to shop for raw vegan foods on a budget.
  • My recent produce haul (with video footage) and how much I spent on it.
  • How much I roughly spend weekly on fruits and veggies 🙂

How do you keep your costs down when shopping for produce?  Does your produce manager have a nickname for you yet?? 😉

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