Why Fruit is our Most Optimal Food?

I this short video answering questions, which are the essential food groups.  I would say, primarily – fruit has to be on top there. We need the carbohydrate, we need the glucose for energy, we need it for brain function, pretty much every cell in our body run on glucose including our brain cells and it’s the most easily digestible form of glucose we can eat.

Second is vegetables, fruit is really high in vitamins, but it’s quite low in mineral content, it does have some minerals. Fruit is low-ish in mineral content so we need those vegetables in order to get the minerals, in order to get the iron, the calcium, all those things in there.

So, I really recommend that fruit is primary, then vegetables lots of leafy green vegetables are really the most optimal thing that we can eat and what else, and omega 3s in the form of chia, flax.

Those 3 food groups, if you would eat just of those, you would pretty much get all of your nutrient needs met. So if you could focus on those 3 things, you’ll be covering pretty much all of your basis as long as you’re eating enough of those foods.

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Will I Gain Weight on Fruit? Fruit Phobics Listen up!

Let’s have a little friendly chat about gaining weight on fruit. 

In this short video, I address this whole issue with fruit and people’s massive fear of it – that if they eat fruit they will gain weight.  The bottom line is it’s such a huge myth!

What’s important to remember is that most people CAN eat a lot of fruit and, as long as you don’t combine it with a lot of fat, you won’t experience blood sugar issues,  and it won’t spike your blood sugar leaving that glucose circling in your bloodstream and causing all sorts of metabolic kind of disorder problems.

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Please comment below and let me know your experience with weight gain or loss on fruit.  I’d love to hear from you!


Can you gain weight on a raw vegan diet?


In this short video I talk briefly about weight loss and answer a Fresh Start 90 Day members question about whether it’s possible to gain weight on a raw vegan diet.

In short, I say that you definitely can but, that tendencies to overeat are not as great because naturally you feel more satiated eating this volume of food.  When our bodies are getting the nutrients that we need, then we’re not craving that other junky food we normally would be eating.

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Please comment below and let me know about your experience with losing weight on a raw vegan or high raw vegan diet.  I’d love to hear from you…



How to set and stick to your goals – Goalsetting for the Fearless!

Our family goal and vision-board for our upcoming 2020 overseas holiday. Sometimes you just have to throw your knapsack over the wall!

I was always fairly good at manifesting things in my life, but pretty crap at goal-setting.  But recently I learned a way of goal-setting that is profoundly effective, and I’ve been using it since November last year with stunning results.

I think it’s a really important skill to develop if you want to do anything important in your life like reverse chronic disease, lose weight or achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Over the past 7 years I’ve changed my life in profound ways.  The first thing I did was transform my health.  Without my health I could barely even think of anything beyond getting through a day of work.  My battle with fatigue was constant.

My health transformation really didn’t take too long.  I radically changed my diet to a low-fat raw vegan diet, focussing predominantly on raw fruits and vegetables and minimal nuts and seeds.  I also now eat a small quantity of cooked legumes and some sweet potato.  I feel a million bucks, am in my right-sized body and I have more energy than I had when I was 5 – enough to run 2 businesses, and manage a household with two teenage boys and a husband.  Life is busy and beautiful.

If you want to learn more about transforming your health then you might like to check out my Fresh Start 90-Day Program or my book The Raw Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide.

Once I did that, I focussed on healing my emotional eating and food addiction.  I set a goal that I would be free of these tendencies within 2 years.  That was back in 2015, and I’m happy to say I have found exactly what I needed and have recovered in this area.

Then, with all that extra headspace I have started to work on transforming our finances.  About 10 years ago we were able to make some massive inroads in this area when I put myself through the Spending Planner program that I now guide people through.

Within 2 years we managed to pay $50k off our mortgage and purchase 2 investment properties and basically not worry about unpaid bills over the next 8 years.

It made a massive difference to my relationship with my husband, since there had been a few resentments and stress build-up over money.

Our recent goal-setting exercise on paying off our mortgage super-fast! There’s no way I could do this without our Spending Planner program.

Fast forward to today and we’re setting big goals again for our finances, something I simply couldn’t do without the budgeting nous that I have today and the benefit of the Spending Planner.

The Best way to write goals

Writing goals is an exercise that most people shy away from and it’s one where we need the most exercise.  Our goal-setting muscles are often pretty flabby, so we need to work at toning them.

Here’s my recommendation for toning your goal-setting muscles…

Every day, morning and night (on first waking and last thing at night) write 3 goals in a goal journal.  You need to write them in a very specific way, but they don’t have to be the same goals every day.  This is about getting practice in just setting goals – being bold, and getting in touch with your goals every single day.

Here’s how you should write them…

“I (past-tense verb) (your goal here) (some emotional language here or even just before your stated goal) by (date)”

Here’s an example…

“I meditated every day for a whole month and it made me feel super present, relaxed by Feb 30 2018.”

and another…

“I saved $22k for our incredible European holiday by 21st August 2020”

You get the picture.

You can set goals of any description, so why not start practicing today.

I have some really great money-saving and budgeting tips on my Face book page at BrightSpendersSpending Planners.   Come over and like my page if you’re interested in tips.

And if you’d like to know more about how we transformed our finances 10 years ago and how I help others do the same then you can check out my website at BrightSpenders.com.

Also, let me know how you do your goal-setting.  Do you find it difficult to stick to your goals?  Struggle with money issues?  Let me know in the comments below…


Optimum Nutriforce Extractor Review #2

Watch me make Strawberry Banana Mint Smoothie and ground chia meal in my new Optimum Nutriforce Extractor!

I really like the simplicity of this machine, which makes smoothies, sauces, plant-based milks, nicecreams and ground nut and seed meals.

It has a ‘suction-cup’ base so that it never moves around on the counter when it’s working hard.

It comes with two different sized canisters, a small and a large, and two different styles of blade assemblies, one for blending and one for grinding (nuts and seeds, coffee beans etc).

I love that there is a small-sized canister because this means that you can make a small amount of something, like a salad dressing.  In a large blender it’s difficult to blend a small amount because the ingredients need to cover the blades, and sometimes you don’t have enough to make it work.

I also love that you can use the same canister to make your recipe and then put a lid on it and take it to work with you, to save on extra washing up.

It’s also compact enough to pack away, so that you don’t have to leave it on the counter top if you prefer clutter-free spaces in your kitchen.

Hope you enjoy my video!  Let me know what you think and if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

Some great little tips for big results!

I was asked to contribute something for this beautiful infographic, giving tips on how to create healthy lifestyle changes through small actions.

The main focus is on how food, sleep, and exercise can affect our body and, more specially, our metabolism. The small choices that we make everyday can really impact our bodies in more ways than we know. 

Cellular function and NAD+, which you can learn more about here, is a perfect example. Apart from discussing the science behind healthy living, the graphic also features some personal advice, including a tip of my very own. Here’s the little, big tip that ended up being featured…

Here’s the little, big tip they took from what I’d sent them…

“The pure water found in fruits and veggies is the most nourishing kind of water you can consume.  Try eating a day of only fruit and leafy greens, then switch to a day of cooked foo.  You’ll notice a profound difference in your hydration levels.”

The pure water in fruits and vegetables is distilled water.  Distilled water is so beneficial because it has the power to draw toxins into it and carry those toxins out of your body.

I hope you have a read of this infographic and glean some pocket tip that you can take with you today!