Exciting news – We’re in the top 20 Raw food blogs!

I got some very exciting news recently.  That we made it to the list of Top 50 Raw Food blogs worldwide.  And actually Real Raw Nutrition is in the top 20!  How cool is that?

I’m wearing my badge of honour with pride.

Here it is…






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Overcoming Eating Addictions and Healing on a Raw Vegan Diet

Have you heard the story of my food addiction and compulsive overeating recovery?  In this interview, Jade Tornquist of The Rawsome Truth Youtube channel,  interviews me about my healing journey.   I turn 46 this year and it has taken me roughly 30 years to find healing in this area.

I found many, many solutions through a low-fat raw vegan diet, but even this way of eating has not fully resolved my binge-eating behaviours.  In this interview I share about what is really working for me now and allowing me to find freedom from food obsession and relapse, one day at a time.

I so hope you enjoy this interview and find value in it.  Please share about your own experiences with food addiction and compulsive eating, any future videos or blogs questions or topics you’d like me to address.

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This specific website has been absolutely invaluable for my being able to find deep and lasting recovery.  Check out the Special Edition recordings.  There is incredible long-term recovery there – So much hope and so much to learn.  http://www.avision4you.info/special-editions/

Healing food addiction on a low-fat raw vegan diet

Have you met Jade Tornquist yet?  This extraordinary woman got sober from alcohol, then went on to heal her food addictions on a low-fat raw vegan (fruit-based) diet eating a ton of raw fruits and vegetables.

She is now a passionate animal rights campaigner.

Jade Tornquist – A story of recovery from alcohol and food addiction

To support her own journey she decided to create a Facebook group, which now has well over 30,000 members.

In this interview she shares her story of recovery and how she is healing her food addiction one day at a time…

Post your comments on this interview below!  I’d love to hear your thoughts, your experiences with emotional eating, compulsive eating or food addiction.


Jade’s Youtube Channel is The Rawsome Truth

And her Facebook Group is Raw Vegan Fruitarians 4 Life

Travelling in Thailand as a low-fat raw vegan

Fun with elephants in Chiang Mai thailand

We’re just back from our family holiday in Thailand.  Been back almost a couple of weeks now and adjusting to the reality of being back in Australian winter 🙁

If you’re raw vegan or high raw vegan and you want to go travelling, then Thailand would have to be one of the choicest holiday destinations.

I did NOT want to leave 30 degree temperatures to return to tops of 12 🙁

There is an abundance of fresh tropical fruit and all sorts of veggie options.  It’s super cheap and pretty much every restaurant will serve you rice and stir-fried veggies or veggie curries if you include some cooked vegan food in your diet.

Local Chiang Mai market fruit haul

There are dedicated vegan restaurants in most of the main tourist destinations where you can get delicious salads, young  (drinking) coconuts and fruit shakes (warning – always request for no sugar or they will put sugar syrup in it!)

I put together this video highlighting the best parts of my trip and the food, to show what you can expect travelling in Thailand, particularly Chiang Mai and Ko Lanta, where we spent our time.

Let me know your thoughts on this video and what topics you’d like me to address in upcoming videos! <3

Overt fats and flax crackers on a low-fat raw vegan diet?

Last week I had this question come in about raw fats:

Dear Anthea –

Thank you for your videos. Excellent education.  Any chance you can please do a video for us on eating raw fats and raw vegan dehydrated foods like flax or coconut wraps. Also coconut meat, avocados and nuts/seeds. Thank you so much.

– Anna

So I decided to make this video…    (And I left this silly wide-eyed thumbnail still of me up just so that I don’t take myself too seriously 😉


In a nutshell, I don’t eat a whole lot of raw overtly fatty foods like nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut.  Left to my own devices I can tend to overeat on these types of foods and they don’t make me feel good 🙁

So I plan my food and include a small amount only (around 10-15% of calories) and that helps keep my energy levels high.

I also don’t eat a whole lot of flax crackers or onion flax wraps, even though there are so many lovely recipes out there, and I share why in this video.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below..

What is “ENOUGH” protein on a raw vegan diet?

I got an email from someone last week who was confused by my raw vegan diet.

“But why don’t you eat any quality vegan protein?”  she asked.

Her question was indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding that most people have about protein.

So I decided to make this video for you to explain about protein, amino acids and our real need for them and whether or not we can get enough on a low fat raw vegan diet.

This is the result…


In this video I talk about the amount of protein that the World Health Organisation says we need daily for optimal health, and it’s far less than you think.  I also share some great resources that helped me determine EXACTLY how much protein I need per day.  And just how much protein you would get even if you ONLY ate bananas all day.

Let me know your thoughts on this hot topic in the comments section below…