Raw Recipe: Lower fat Raw Blueberry Cheesecake!


What’s not to love about raw desserts? Not much!

And yet the fat content (with most recipes very high in nuts and oil) is often off the charts, making them a very unhealthy alternative when you’re really looking for something healthy 🙁

I love playing around with raw food recipes, making them low fat, no fat or lower fat, and I have certainly had fun coming up with this absolutely delectable but healthy treat.

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How to Get Your Family to Eat More Raw Foods

You LOVE raw foods, right?

So why doesn’t everyone around you love them too?

Why can’t they see that all those dead animal flavoured excitotoxic chemical-laden non-foods are killing them slowly and that raw whole plant foods are the obvious choice for vibrant health?

Let me tell you, I hear you!

My going raw has been quite a journey for our whole family.  When you make a significant change (and diet is definitely a significant change) it’s going to alter your whole family dynamic. Continue reading

What is the BEST mono raw dinner?

banana mono

Do you find it hard to wrap your head around eating only one fruit for a whole meal?  It’s certainly not something we’re used to in our society, where the emphasis is on eating a conglomeration of foods at the one meal.

One common mantra is to go for as much variety as possible to ensure your nutritional needs are met.

While variety is certainly important throughout the weeks, months and year, variety at the meal frequently leads to indigestion.  🙁

‘Variety’ in the meal can also often lead to overeating as your tastebuds override your stomach, dulling those satiety signals and making it difficult to stop eating. Continue reading

Raw Recipe: Sweet Chilli Noodle slaw

Sweet Chilli noodle slaw

If you’re craving cooked food at night time then this dish will totally take care of that hankering.

I adapted this recipe from the Sweet Chilli Noodles recipe that fellow Aussie raw foodie Nadia makes.

Nadia has her own youtube channel called Fat2Fitonfruit.  You should definitely check her out as she has the most amazing raw transformation story where she lost 40lbs in 6 months eating as much raw fruits and veggies as she cared for.

This dish has become one of my absolute favorites, perfect for that warming, spicy, noodley itch you need to scratch on a cold autumn or winter night.  Having said that, I see no reason why you wouldn’t absolutely love it in Summer too!

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