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How to keep motivated on a Raw Food Diet

Be selective about the messages you choose to listen to. They have a profound effect on being able to stick to your guns! img credit below.

Be selective about the messages you choose to listen to. They have a profound effect on being able to stick to your guns! img credit below.

When the excitement of trying the raw fruit and veggie diet wears off like last season’s fashion purchase, what do you do?

Cast it aside for the hottest new thing? Paleo perhaps? Or one of the latest Hollywood diets? Or even a Raw till 4 message, when you know you want to be eating fully raw?

We know what we should be doing – eating raw fruits and veggies for the best health ever – but we’re surrounded with so many and varied opinions about the path to health, not to mention so many exciting flavours to indulge in.

It’s hard, right?

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I know I’m extremely impressionable.

The messages and people that I choose to listen to make a HUGE impact on my choices in the world.

If I start watching ads on TV for Dominos Pizza, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m going to start craving flat food.

I recognized this weakness in me from the outset, and so I made sure (and still make sure) I’m prepared.

I’m not sure which genius said it, but the saying, “if you don’t plan, you plan to fail” has echoed throughout my life.

Knowing that I have a weakness around media messages has taught me that I need to be a conscious consumer of messages if I want to be successful in whatever area I’m focusing on.

Raw foods is no exception.

If I want to eat raw food predominantly then I need to listen to and watch those who have succeeded eating predominantly raw foods.

That was one of the reasons I created the RAWmazing Life Summit 2014. I wanted to hear a consistent message of the power of raw foods from a bunch of people who had successfully eaten raw foods for a significant period of time.

There’s nothing quite like hearing it from someone who’s been on this diet for 9 years, 20 years or more than 25 years.

These people have usually ironed out most of the wrinkles in the diet and have some compelling insights to share.

If you were able to listen to some of the RAWmazing Life Summit 2014 interviews then you’ll know what I mean. You would be extremely hard-pressed to not take something profound from each and every summit lecture.

The great news is that you can still OWN all of those 23 interview recordings so that you can listen to them over and over again, plugging yourself in to an extremely positive message about raw foods.

If you listen to the recordings on rotation, every time you go out for a walk, run or while you’re doing your housework, I guarantee it WILL affect you and your choices profoundly.

If you want to invest in your positive psychology and your commitment to health through Raw Foods then I highly recommend purchasing this set of interview recordings.

Most of these interviews are well over an hour, some close to 2 hours – so that’s over 30 hours of listening time absolutely packed with the best tips for your success on a raw food diet.

You can go HERE to access the recordings today.

Turn off the Bad News Box, the junk-food advertising factory, and your aimless meadering on FaceBook, and plug yourself in to a super positive message that’s going to rewire your brain for healthy living principles.

Conclusion – Consider that every choice you make is perfect in the moment that you’re making it. Going raw can be really challenging because there’s so much to learn and unlearn, but it’s certainly not impossible. There are thousands of people who go raw and stay raw every day. But sometimes it took them, like it took me, many many times of falling down and getting back up.

What are your biggest struggles in starting and following a raw food diet? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you…

Anthea Frances is an author, raw food health coach and host of the Raw Life Summit series.  Grab a copy of her free Balanced Raw Vegan Nutrition Checklist and start improving your health today!

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The RAWmazing Life Summit Begins tomorrow!

Anthea here!  I just wanted to remind you (if you don’t know about it already!) that the RAWmazing Life Summit starts tomorrow. This is a series of interviews with 24 different raw foodists that I’ll be hosting, including:

Kristina Carillo-Bucaram
Michael Arnstein
Frederic Patenaude
Tim VanOrden
Andrew Perlot
Alicia Grant
Don Bennett
Chris Kendall
Karen Ranzi
Tarah Millen
Tasha Lee
John Kohler
Mike Vlasaty
Swayze Foster

Dave@tree.3.00To kick off the incredible line-up of 24 Raw Foods Experts is Dr David Klein at 6pm EDT Oct 13th (That’s NY time) with everything you want to know about “Healing Chronic Disease on a Raw Vegan Diet”. Dave Klein healed himself from Advanced Ulcerative Colitis nearly 30 years ago following his self-healing diet.

Then at 8pm EDT we have the fruity, fabulous Miss Tarah Millen to discuss her journey from “Restriction Tarah Millen1to Abundance!”  If you’ve ever been a dieter, and tried to calorie restrict your way to a slim figure, then this is definitely the call for you.

Join us NOW for this FREE online event at https://realrawnutrition.com/rawmazing-life-summit

The best part? All you have to do is sign up with your name and email address at the link below.


Hope you can JOIN us!  This is an event NOT TO BE MISSED if you’re want to supercharge your health and your life.

The Number ONE Thing that Helped Me Go Raw – Above Everything Else!

Three years ago, when I embarked on my raw foods journey, I was incredibly fortunate to get just the support I needed.

At the time I was struggling.

I felt like I was the only one on the planet who was eating massive quantities of fruits and veggies and avoiding the standard foods that everyone around me was eating.

I knew I needed to find others who were achieving what I so craved to achieve.

So I put that thought out there in the world and I was blessed with exactly the right kind of support I needed…

People with long-term raw vegan experience and success in healing themselves from chronic disease.

Folks who knew how to deal with the hurdles I was facing in my journey.

Humour, compassion and a light-hearted approach from people who understood what I was going through.

This blessed support came to me in the form of a Telesummit, called the Brilliant Body Health Summit, hosted by my now friend, Audrey Wild, who interviewed 27 raw vegan experts.

I ended up buying the recordings of the whole series and listened to it ON ROTATION  for the next TWO years, every time I went out for a run, or to walk the dogs, or while I was doing housework.

Over those two years I must have listened to each speaker at least a dozen times.

And I can happily say that I experienced THE MOST POSITIVE KIND OF BRAINWASHING you can imagine. 🙂

After a while I noticed I was thinking like those speakers.

And things would come out of my mouth in conversation with others that I had learned from those talks.

Without a doubt, I owe those recordings to my success on this diet today.

Because I experienced so much success, I decided at some point that I was going to pay that experience forward, and share with others that gift I had received.

And today I get to present you with my gift to help you on your raw foods journey…

Today I get to present to you… The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014!

Over the last 5 months I’ve been working to bring together 24 world-class raw foods experts for one of the most extraordinary online events about the raw food lifestyle.

This is absolutely going to be THE online event of the year, where RAWmazing experts from all over the world, including authors, raw food nutrition experts, youtube personalities, athletes and fitness professionals will gather to share their experiences, struggles and secrets to success in adopting a raw food diet over the long term.

Anthea link2

They’ll be available to answer all your burning questions about how to adopt a raw food diet the right way and support you in your journey to optimal health and happiness.

Together, we will explore why some people thrive on a raw food diet, and others struggle, and we’ll equip you with all the tools for success so that you can go raw the easy way.

Sign up now to The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014 – It’s absolutely FREE to join in!

At this event you will be given all the inspiration, knowledge and practical tools you need to launch yourself into your very own RAWmazing life.

I am personally super excited to have you as my guest at the RAWmazing Life Summit 2014.

Don’t miss this RAWsome opportunity.

Click HERE to join me with these other incredible voices today!

I hope to see you soon at The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014.

If you’re still unsure, check out this cute video, made by my co-host, Tasha Lee: