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  1. I just found your website. I was interested in more information on the Dental Disasters program. When I clicked on the picture above it didn’t lead to that program. Thanks.

  2. Hi Anthea,

    I just finished listening to the last replay of the Rawmazing Live Events. It was just the shot I needed to keep me on track as a vegan/vegan raw foodie. 🙂 The information from this summit was priceless. I learned a lot of new stuff while getting confirmation of what I am doing right. Many thanks to you (and Tasha) for organizing this and bringing it to the masses.

    Om Shanti,
    She Toles
    Tampa, FL (USA)

  3. She, Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and thanks! So glad you got great value out of it. Please keep in touch and blessings to you x 🙂

  4. Great information as usual.
    my question is , type two diabetics can not have so many figs to get needed calcium.
    Also oranges too high sugar content. I can only have one fig in smoothie and then check my blood sugar. could you suggest a raw food diet that is for my condition,


  5. Actually there are many type 2 diabetics who are completely recovering from this disease with a fruit-based diet, Sidney. Have you heard of Tasha Lee? She has written a book called “Healing Diabetes with Fruit” and has 4 or 5 Type 2’s in there that have completely recovered on this diet. She herself is a Type 1 diabetic and has been able to dramatically reduce her insulin on this diet. Check out her book – there’s a link in the right side panel of my website.

  6. Dear Anthea, Again l must thank you for your wonderful blogs. They are extremely informative, with a lot of very helpful , honest and unusual information which I find very inspiring. Following your guidance I experience a maximimum result with very natural, minimum imput which I always find amazing. I was wondering what you meant by writing not to drink smoothies too quickly. This , in your latest blog. I tend to drink them very quickly in order to avoid oxidation of the ingredients I.e. Fruits and veges. I would be most grateful if you could advise. Many thanks. Kind regards, Colleen.

  7. So sweet, Colleen. Thank you! I have a big grin ear to ear. It’s very important to make sure you are chewing your smoothies (even though it might seem counterintuitive). If you gulp them down it will not allow your stomach enough time to prepare the right kind of acids to digest what’s coming down your oesophagus. The other thing it does is not allow your brain time to register that you are eating a meal. So there is greater tendency to overeat because you feel like you haven’t really eaten anything. These days I’m really preferring to put my smoothies in a bowl with some whole chopped fruits and greens and eating them with a spoon. This way I get a lovely combination of smooth and crunchy texture and mealtimes are a slow, enjoyable process, rather than a big rush.

  8. I just listened to your interview with Susan Pierce thompson on the raw for life summit. Can you explain how you tweaked your meal plan to marry raw foods and bee? I am a ble’er and love it, but need some guidance! You can email me at if you don’t want to publish the specifics.. thanks!

  9. I also am a BLE’er and love the program. I loved the speaker series you put together. Thank you so much for. I in fact bought one of packages so I can continue listen to the speakers over and over.

    I am interested in learning how you tweaked BLE to fit into the raw diet. My email is:
    I look forward to your response.
    Thanks you,

  10. Hi Amy, Looks like I’m going to have to do a blog post on this question, which I seem to be getting a lot! 🙂 Stay tuned for that, but I’ll shoot you a quick email anyway.

  11. Hello. I am interested in using a raw diet and lifestyle to lose weight. Can you help me?

  12. Hi Donna, Sure I can help but I need to find out a bit more about you first. Let’s continue this conversation via email 🙂

  13. I am glad that i found your website. I am chronic ill for 12 years now and i am vegan (mostly raw/raw till 4 and i do 80/10/10) for 10 weeks now. I am experiencing heavy detox symptoms but overall almost everything seems to improve. The only thing that does not improve is the burning stomach, lump in my throat, sore/bruised stomach that i feel. I have been tested negative for h pylori but i recognize myself in the symptoms. Today i did iridology and she also came up with a stomach bacteria. Do you think you can help me? Or do i have to give it some time?

  14. Hi Anthea. I got your ebook and also 80/10/10. I have shifted to only fruit in the morning, or fruit and baby spinach when doing a smoothie, and most days I have had a big salad for lunch. I’ve already dropped 7 lbs in October and my joint pain is reduced 80%. I would like to transition to a high raw diet, but dinner is still a big sticking point, as my husband does most of the cooking. I think we could transition to some raw dinner meals if I had some recipes for meals that were more satisfying than just salads. Does the 90 day program provide such ideas/recipes for more complex dishes? I really feel this is “the” way I should be eating and if I prove to be successful I may finally lose all the weight I’ve been carrying around for decades. It’s a feeling of both elation and anxiousness. I definitely need some help getting to 80% raw by 2019. I have also done the Bright Line Eating boot camp and did lose weight-and keep most of it off-but ultimately it wasn’t the answer I had hoped.

  15. Hi Janet, Great work on those changes. Yes the Fresh Start 90-Day program includes menu planner, recipe guide and shopping list, and includes a number of more complex raw recipes for dinners as well as some low-fat cooked vegan options. That’s wonderful to hear that your joint pain has diminished so much and they weight drop. Well done!

  16. For some reason I have only just seen this message, Sharon. So sorry. I definitely don’t think you have to wait. You can make changes to your diet right now to decrease the stomach burn. Eating ripe bananas and mild leafy greens, cucumbers is one way. Definitely not over filling your stomach. No citrus for a bit, or tough cruciferous veggies. Allow your stomach to heal and gut bacteria to replenish on the prebiotic foods you’re feeding them.

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