Do you have a problem with your eating?

If you’re like me, then you probably have more knowledge about nutrition and fitness than most people around.  But can you apply it?  Can you stop your unhealthy eating practices and stay stopped?  I never could.  I tried for years to stay on healthy diets, but found that once I started eating something compulsively that I just couldn’t stop, and the behaviour seemed to be getting worse as time went on…

I discovered that my problem had two parts to it.  A physical part and a mental part:

The physical part – I came to realize that the food choices I made were essential in terms of nourishing my body and staving off physical cravings for food.  Certain foods, usually those that were processed and highly refined, were devoid of nutrients and never satiated my hunger.  So I could eat huge quantities of these foods but they would never satisfy me because my body’s need for nutrients was still being deprived.  I would always end up craving and eating more food, leaving me overweight but still undernourished.  Much of this part of the disease was taken care of when I began eating a highly nutritious, fibre-filled raw vegan diet.

But not even a raw diet could keep me from compulsive eating for long.  I learned that I needed to take care of the other part of my disease if I was ever to fully recover.

The mental part – I also learned that there was a bunch of mental obsession that came with my eating disorder.  This was the part that no diet, fitness regime or any form of positive thinking could ever take care of.  I even visited an eating disorders specialist and this too had little effect on my problem while also being extraordinarily expensive.  I learned that there were certain habits of thinking that were keeping me trapped in the food obsession cycle and I needed to break free of this mindset if I was ever to recover.

I am so grateful today to say that I have recovered from my disordered eating behaviours and my life has unfolded in an extraordinarily beautiful way.  My relationships have transformed, I’m calm and at ease with the world, accepting of myself and what life offers me.  I cannot begin to tell you what a miracle this is.  I struggled for about 30 years trying to control my eating and constantly sought answers to my problem.  To have found permanent relief is the most remarkable gift of my life.

There is a solution to our eating problem.  Someone showed me the path to recovery and I repay that gift by showing others how to find hope and peace again.

If you recognise unhealthy patterns of behaviour around eating in yourself and you would like to learn more about what I did to recover please email me at  I love hearing from people like me who want what I have found.

  1. Thanks Joni. Whatever I can do to help others recover I will do. So grateful for the guidance I’ve received. Insurance for me that I stay recovered!

  2. There are so many type 2’s out there who need your book. Exacerbated of course by compulsive eating. Good on you for writing it.

  3. WOW!! Anthea, this is great stuff and I love your commitment to helping people at so many levels. Keep up the great work – you are inspirational!!

  4. Thanks Ros 🙂 very kind words. Just giving back what has been so generously given to me.

  5. I suffer from compulsive eating. I know I must accept my self and not to judge me in order to find peace but its hard for me

  6. I really recommend 12 step recovery for learning self-acceptance and love. Learning what is beneath the compulsion to overeat is a huge part of what that program is about.

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