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This breakthrough immersion program will teach you everything you need to know to finally get healthy, slim and free...

Welcome to The Fresh Start 90-Day Program

You are probably here because you’re wanting to get healthy, lose some unwanted flab and revitalise your life.  You came to the right place.

You are about to discover the biggest reason why a plant-based, high-raw diet is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your health, boost your energy, lose weight, and heal your body, mind and spirit!

A bit about me:  I've written over 20 books on natural health and plant-based nutrition. Many consider me one of the top vegan health educators in the business.

With my friend Anthea Frances, I want to help you get the health and body weight results you want, in just 90 days

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Anthea and her boys enjoying summer.

How Anthea went from fat, tired and sick to teaching people how to realise their own health goals.

As recently as 2011, Anthea was suffering terribly under the weight of ill health.  All of her life, she had suffered with low immune function (with colds and flus ALL the time), allergies and rhinitis, sinusitis, cystic acne, eczema, candida, irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis to name just a few.

Her hormones were all over the place and I would suffer terribly with painful periods and horrible PMS symptoms.

She was about 40 pounds overweight at my heaviest, and was caught in the diet-binge cycle and the emotional instability that goes hand in hand with that.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.04.45 PMBut the thing that REALLY tipped it off for her was excruciating reflux pain, which left her pacing the house for hours at night, looking for a solution to her problem.  When she sought medical advice, she was told that she would either need drugs for the rest of my life, or surgery (which was not even permanent!).

Anthea walked out of the gastroenterologist’s office VOWING to find a natural solution to her health issues.  Intuitively, she knew that her body could heal itself from all these ailments and knew that it had something to do with what she had been eating.

Anthea had tried MANY, MANY things over the years:  Drugs, Naturopathic herbal treatments, supplements, exercise programs, the anti-candida diet, low-carb diets, Weight Watchers, 12-step recovery programs and Juice fasting.  She even tried a version of the Raw Vegan diet which was very complex and included lots of dehydrating, sprouting and complicated recipes.

NONE of these approaches worked for any sustainable length of time (beyond a few months), and that’s because they WEREN’T sustainable.

But Anthea didn’t give up.  Well, what choice did she have, really?

One night, when she was in agony with the most excruciating, burning pain in my gut, she found the solution:  A low-fat plant-based diet, high in fruits and vegetables, with very small amounts of nuts and seeds.

Of course, she wasn’t sure if it really was right, but it just felt intuitively right.  But when she tried it for a month I knew she really had found the solution.

Her health just kept getting better and better, and people kept asking me what she was doing and for advice with their own health problems.

Anthea didn’t set out to be a mentor for people looking for answers to their most annoying and debilitating health problems, but eventually she realized that she had some real answers that could help others tremendously.

That's when she sought me help to start a website — Real Raw Nutrition - so that she could offer guidance to others needing to make radical changes in their diet, but not knowing where to start.

With my help, she went on to create TWO Raw Vegan online conferences, bringing together thousands of health seekers with experts from around the world.  And now,  I've teamed up with her to put everything that we've both learned into into one step-by-step program, so that you can transform you health and lives using the exact method that Anthea used.

I think I have a pretty good idea WHY YOU’RE STILL STRUGGLING to get on track with your healthy lifestyle.

Over the past five years I’ve worked with hundreds of people and I hear some fairly common issues crop up again and again.

Maybe you think it’s too hard to change what you eat.  You feel undermined by family and friends who complain too much about the food you want them to eat, or you’re having to prepare all these separate meals, and you’re just getting sick of it.

It all just seems too complicated and the food boring compared to all those wonderfully comforting cooked foods.

Maybe you’re still addicted to your old favourite foods even though you know they’re making you sick.

Maybe you think you don’t have time to learn new skills.

Or maybe you just don’t know what you’d say to family, friends or co-workers to get the support you need to make a permanent change.   It’s hard to stay committed when your family struggles to support you.

I know you’ve tried every healing approach and diet under the sun. You’ve probably even tried a vegan diet or a raw vegan diet but just haven’t found it sustainable.

And you’re still tired, sick and fat.

I can hear you thinking… “How can I keep going when I have a career, a family and all sorts of life pressures?"

You need answers. And you need a SIMPLE solution.

Forget complicated approaches that require you to prepare your food 3 days in advance!

You need real-world solutions. 

Believe me I wouldn’t still be doing this after 5 years if it wasn’t simple.  I just don’t have time to be fussing with food, or trying to stick to a diet.  I needed food to be both pleasurable and sustainable.

This diet isn’t just for health nuts!

It’s the simplest, cleanest way of eating on the planet, and thousands of people are getting results by simply switching their food habits to include a predominance of fresh, live plant foods.  And you don’t even have to be 100% raw.  You can get the vibrant energy, clear skin and slim figure you crave.  I'm going to show you how to implement this simple diet into your life and we’re going to have a ton of fun in the process.

This is not just your average ‘lose-a-few-pounds-and-then-put-it-straight-back-on kind of diet’ that’s impossible to maintain.  Instead, it’s a complete lifestyle change that will transform you from the inside out.  Basically I'm going to walk you through how to completely fall in love with raw, whole plant foods, change your food habits for good, and experience a boost in energy that you probably haven’t experienced in a very long time.

Our clients report that within weeks they are feeling a huge surge of energy, clearer skin, clearer thinking and looser clothes.

Amy Warshawsky, NYC

“Many of my habits have changed in dramatic ways. I had a huge lettuce salad with your salad dressing today after a fruit salad at a restaurant with a friend. I stayed right on target and it felt great!! Since beginning this journey with Anthea, I have lost 8 pounds, people keep commenting on how healthy my hair looks and my pants are so much looser.  I feel great.”

Amy Warshawsky, NYC

We will show you how to make this diet and lifestyle really work in your life, with your family and friends, your fitness goals, your career and spiritual aspirations.  The secrets to making your life circumstances work WITH your health dreams, rather than your dreams taking a backseat when life gets in the road.

We're talking about mindset.  This is one of the things that 90% of people trying a raw vegan diet today get wrong.  And believe us, mindset can mean a huge difference in sticking to a raw vegan diet and seeing the results you crave.

You can stick to the minimum RDA of 5 + 2 serves if you want, but you are missing out on nature’s golden gift when it comes to completely transforming your health.

  • The Fresh Start diet is one of the most nutrient dense diets on the planet.
  • The highest-ranking superfoods per calorie are ALL plant foods and most of them raw.
  • Plant-based diets are now starting to outrank Paleo diets in their popularity for building health and helping people get to their right-sized body, without having to white-knuckle cravings on low-carb or carb-free regimes.
  • Eating plants is the kindest choice you can make for your own health and the health of the planet.
  • This diet get long-term, whole-body results - transforming your overall health while helping you reach a natural body weight effortlessly!

Immerse yourself in our step-by-step 90-Day program and start reaping results like our clients.

Mindy Glaser, California

“After only 90 days, and being 100% supported, my mood and health has totally transformed.  I’m full of energy and hope!   I feel free to dream and pursue goals and my confidence as a singer has grown.   I'm organizing closets and getting myself together in every area.   Concluding the program, I can say it was life changing!!   I'm so grateful for your wisdom, patience and gentle faith in me.   I needed tweaking and support with the diet and I feel I can finally move forward with health and strength.  I highly recommend this if you need a new beginning.”

Mindy Glaser, California
Londiwe Ngema, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I have been vegetarian for years and often struggle with low blood pressure and low iron levels, but just after two weeks of raw fruit and vegetables my blood pressure was perfect and my iron higher than it has ever been!  I was thrilled.  After 30 days I had dropped 4kg and felt much lighter.  I had initially planned to do it for 30 days and then introduce a bit of cooked to see how I feel, but last night I went out with a friend and the food I used to enjoy no longer tastes good.  That’s enough to get me running back to raw.  Also, I always had painful periods - for 4 days - this time it only lasted 3 days and was painfree!”

Londiwe Ngema, Johannesburg, South Africa

Introducing The Fresh Start 90-Day Program

The FreshStart Program Course Package

Transforming Your Health and Body into a high-energy temple is as Simple as One...Two...Three with The Fresh Start 90-Day program!

You DON’T need to build a diet around those complicated, time-consuming, fat-laden raw vegan recipes you’ve seen on gourmet raw food blogs or youtube videos.  I tried that and couldn’t sustain it.  Not to mention that my health nose-dived from eating so much complicated food full of heavy oils, nuts and dried fruit.

You can get amazing results with a simple diet based on fresh, whole, ripe raw fruits and veggies.   In the Fresh Start program you will discover our simple, three-step strategy for creating abundant health, vibrant glowing skin, slim physique, high energy and an unshakeably stable mood.

When you learn the simple, yet powerful, techniques I’m going to teach you you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t using them.

Ready to jump right in?

Get Your Fresh Start Now

The Fresh Start 90-Day program is a 12-module A-Z training course.

You will learn how to design and implement a diet and lifestyle based around raw fruits and veggies that gets you astonishing results in weeks.

Module #1 Diet Transformation 101

Jump right in and begin laying the foundation for success. This includes taking stock of exactly where you are now, and where you want to go, so that you can change your diet from the ground up!

  • Discover exactly why 9 out of 10 raw food newbies fail when attempting to transition to this program.
  • Learn the secret tools of long-term raw vegans – food journaling, milestone goal-setting and accountability - that you can effortlessly model yourself.
  • Come face-to-face with your saboteur and develop killer strategies to tackle this undermining force head-on.

Module #2 The Optimal Plant-Based Diet

Once you discover the most optimal way of eating a high-raw, plant-based diet, you'll be able to see rapid results in transforming your body and your overall health!

  • Quickly and Easily Learn why fruit is the ideal food for human beings.
  • Develop your customized personal meal plan
  • Learn the 32 Natural Hygiene principles, and that the Body is a self-healing organism.
  • Boost your nutritional knowledge so that eating this way just makes plain sense.

Module #3 Nutritional Know-How

Once you understand WHAT you should be eating and WHY, and you have a laser-sharp strategy in place, creating simple and delicious raw vegan meals is a piece of cake!  However, there are certain essential nutrients that you need in your diet if you want to see a boost in your energy levels and make sure they stay there!

  • Discover the essential nutrients you MUST include in your diet.
  • Learn how to combine simple whole, raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds to ensure you get enough protein, carbohydrates and fat, calcium, iron and Omega 3s.
  • Discover how to get results WITHOUT having to follow complicated and confusing food combining principles

Module #4 Mindset Mastery

Once you've learned the basics of this diet and lifestyle, you'll need some bullet-proof hacks for dealing with saboteurs (both your own and other people in your life).  This module teaches you a step-by-step process for overcoming any roadblock to your success.

  • Discover the Mindset Secrets of long-term raw vegans and how they stay on the path.
  • Learn how to deal with the objections of people in your life.
  • Get Access to the most powerful visualisation I know of for overcoming obstacles.

Module #5 Plan your way to success!

Once you’ve mastered your mindset then it’s now time to turn your attention to one of the KEY ingredients for success - planning

  • Discover exactly HOW to plan so that you NEVER run out of the right kinds of foods and never give your saboteur a reason to eat the wrong foods.
  • Uncover the advanced and underground transition strategies I've been using with my clients for years that work like a charm!
  • Learn the best methods for ripening produce so that you get the highest nutritional punch for your money.
  • Get Access to my Top 5 Tips for eating raw on a budget that will save you at least triple the value of this program.

Module #6  Effortless Weightloss.

Most people eating a whole food diet centred around fruits and veggies experience effortless weightloss.

  • Quickly and Easily Learn how much to eat for weight-gain/ loss or maintenance.
  • Develop your own customized personal weightloss or gain meal plan based on tried and tested principles.
  • Discover whether intuitive eating, calorie counting or a combination is going to work best for YOU.
  • Learn the most effective fitness routines to support your health and weightloss journey.

Module #7  Master your meals

You’ve already started experimenting and creating your own personal swipe file of fresh, raw recipes that simply work in your life, but here we step it up a notch!

  • Learn how to create easy and amazing raw meals using the 5 key flavours with whatever you have on hand.
  • Develop killer strategies for making mealtimes harmonious, even when your family eats differently to you.

Module #8 Gadgets & Toys

All you really need is a mouth and a bunch of fresh produce but life is more fun with a few gadgets, right?!

  • Discover the number 1 piece of equipment that ALL raw foodies should have.
  • Explore the next top 6 devices I recommend when you decide that this is a lifestyle worth investing in.
  • Learn 6 fun and easy recipes, which will totally satisfy any junk food hankering you may have.

Module #9  Beyond the basics

You don’t gotta just eat kale and bananas on. Splash out and try some of the more interesting foods and your need for variety will be completely sated!

  • Learn the easiest method for opening both young and mature coconuts so that you can benefit from their rich nutrition (video demonstration).
  • Discover how to make old faves like pizza and bread using a dehydrator.
  • Learn about the extreme health benefits of tropical fruits you have never heard of but can probably get access to, even in your town.

Module #10  Social Success Strategies

Overcome one of the biggest roadblocks to success on a this diet– Being Social.

  • Discover the reason most newbies fail when attempting to integrate their new life with their old.
  • Learn how to communicate your goals so the people in your life support you.
  • Create a water-tight plan of action for your next social event.

Module #11  Overcoming Challenges – Mental, Physical and Emotional.

Expect challenges – you’ll fare much better when you do.  This module addresses the top 3 challenges you may face and provides a blueprint for meeting them head-on.

  • Learn the secrets for keeping your motivation high and your spirit unstoppable.
  • Understand your emotional eating cues and develop real-world strategies to deal with them.
  • Discover how to tell the difference between detox and nutritional deficiency and what to do about it.

Module #12  Long-term inspiration – Above and beyond!

Sustain your new lifestyle changes over the long haul.  Kick-ass strategies for success on offer here.

  • Learn how to remain inspired and on the path!
  • Bullet-proof your new life from the bombardment of unhealthy and distracting messages.

Check out Allison’s experience and how planning has become the key ingredient to her successful shift to the Fresh Start program.

Also hear about her weightloss…

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Meet our Fresh Start contributing experts…

Your membership will grant you access to these four super powerful video interviews with…

Yulia Tarbath
Raw Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, YouTube personality and Author.

Dr Susan Peirce Thompson
Cognitive and Brain Scientist and founder of
Bright Line Eating Solutions

Melissa Raimondi
Raw Vegan Youtube personality and Author
Lissa’s Raw Food Romance - Youtube

Suzanna McGee
Raw Vegan athlete, Professional Trainer and Author

You’re also about to receive these valuable bonuses worth an additional $445

fade-leftfade-rightBONUS #1

The Raw Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide – Ebook

Your coach, Anthea Frances' personal colourful journey to the vegan diet and beyond, including…

  • Exactly how Anthea healed years of chronic ill-health, including IBS, GERD and reflux, sinusitis, acne, eczema, asthma, chronic low immune function and fatigue to name just a few.
  • The nuts and bolts of the optimal high-raw lifestyle.
  • What I eat to fuel my high-energy lifestyle.
  • A bunch of our hands-down favourite go-to raw recipes to keep you on the raw path.

Value:  $25

fade-leftfade-rightBONUS #2

The Fresh Start Community

There is nothing quite like a community of like-minded people ready and willing to support your goals and provide feedback, motivation and ideas. This private members-only Facebook page will give you…

  • Tips and tricks on dealing with any social, emotional or physical obstacles to your progress.
  • The warmest, fuzziest group who have your back 24/7, whenever you need it!

Value:  $420
(Based on $35/month for 12 months, but actually priceless!)

Karen Thomson, Sydney Australia

“Sticking with the wonderful dietary and lifestyle advice of Anthea Frances has paid off great guns!  I’ve just received the results of my latest tests and my thyroid is now functioning normally, my Vitamin D levels are now within the normal range (where before it was a case of “What Vitamin D?” and my B12 is still a little low but much, much improved… doing a very excited little dance.  – And thankfully I can dance now, whereas before I was struggling to walk at times!  Oh – and losing 10kg in 3 months is awesome as well!”

Karen Thomson, Sydney Australia

Here’s everything you’ll have access to
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  • 12 x Fresh Start Training Videos - Value $300
  • 12-week Fresh Fitness course with Raw Vegan Athlete, Suzanna McGee – Value $47
  • Colour e-books, checklists and worksheets – Value $197
  • 12-week Menu Planner for warm and cool seasons - Value $27
  • Recipe guide and shopping lists – Value $27
  • 4 x Fresh Start Expert Video Interviews – Value $125
  • E-Book “The Raw Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide” by Anthea Frances – Value $25
  • Access to a lifetime worth of updates & new videos – Value $200
  • And, most importantly, a supportive community of others who are on the same health journey as you - Value $197

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This is just our way of thanking you for your decision to invest in the Fresh Start 12 Week Program.


Your body needs a Fresh Start.

You already know that raw fruits and vegetables are the single best way to completely revitalize your body and your life.

Normally $299 USD
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  • q-iconWhat if I don't want to eat all raw?

    You don’t have to!  This program is designed to meet you where you’re at.  If you still want to include some cooked foods in your diet, then I’ll teach you the healthiest choices you can make and the best time of day to be eating them.  You can shoot for 50, 60, 70 or 80 or  raw – really, it’s up to you.  You can still get phenomenal results on a high raw, low fat plant-based diet.

  • q-iconCan this help me lose weight?

    Absolutely.  Fresh, whole, ripe, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds have the perfect combination of fibre, water and nutrients so that they are highly satiating.  You will find that the volume of food you’ll eat is greater than you have probably ever eaten before, and yet it is less calorie dense.  This is the key to effortless weightloss.

  • q-iconIs there a Guarantee?

    If you buy the program and it’s not helping you get where you want to go, then feel free to ask for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

  • q-iconWhen does the program start?

    The program starts the minute you enrol.  This is a12-module program.  Each module will be released one per week for 12 weeks, but as a Fresh Start member you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials, so that you can always return to any of the content for a refresher at any point of time in the future.


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P.S.  A complete 3-month raw vegan immersion program, dedicated to helping you go raw and get healthy is what’s on offer here.  You can invest upfront or take the payment plan option.  It’s up to you. Either way, I’m here for you 100%In 90-days time you will have transformed your whole body and life.

Disclaimer:  The Fresh Start Program is intended to assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes, in accordance with raw vegan lifestyle that I encourage on my website  I am not a medical practitioner, and my coaching is not intended to diagnose specific health conditions or prescribe anything for specific health conditions.

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