Need someone to:

  • Help you get to your ideal body weight?
  • Help you reverse chronic health conditions?
  • Be your guide in establishing a healthy raw foods lifestyle program?
  • Provide inspiration, motivation and loving support?
  • Help you with the pitfalls of implementing your program?
  • Kick your butt (gently of course!)
Learn How to…

‘Love Yourself From the Inside Out’

with your very own
Raw Vegan Mentor!

Whether you’re brand new to raw foods or have been trying to go raw for years, I can help you reach your health goals faster, give you the tools you need, working with you every step of the way…

Hear what Jessica had to say about working with me in private mentoring…

“This Raw Vegan stuff is winning.  You really can’t deny how you feel on it.”

Let me be your Guide…

Research has proven that people who seek a qualified mentor when making lifestyle changes are MUCH more successful than those who try to do it on their own.

My story is a case in point.  I thought I would just go raw overnight, no problem.

How wrong I was…

There were so many opportunities to slip up and I managed to find them all!

If you think about it, most of our society is swimming in the other direction healthwise, so trying to change your diet and lifestyle can sometimes feel like turning the Titanic with a dinghy oar!

I understand what it’s like – Your family don’t support you, your friends think you’ve flipped, and even though deep down you know you’re doing the right thing, those conflicting health messages from the media are beginning to wear you down…

You need someone who’s got your back.

That’s where I come in.  I’m 100% there for you.

If the truth be known, many so-called ‘overnight successes’ all had one thing in common: coaching.

Frequently, half the battle is in our mind… 

A qualified mentor can help you through your own personal ‘Mind’field.

Why Does Mentoring Lead to Success on a Raw Food Diet?

You may think that mentoring is an expensive luxury.

When I began to change my diet I did too.  I liked reading and researching and I thought I could work it all out on my own.  Well, I did to a certain point.  But there were many times when I spent more time trying to find my own answers than I had to waste.

I noticed that when I worked with a mentor my understanding and success lifted exponentially, and that I had time free to just implement my lifestyle changes and enjoy my life.

As a mentor and guide I’ve been there, done that, and I can help you over the pitfalls… I first went raw in 2005.  I made many mistakes until I finally learned about a healthy low fat raw vegan diet.  That made a huge difference but I still had to go through lots of trial and error to finally get it right.

If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely hire a raw food mentor.  I now know that there’s a wrong and a right way to go raw.

I can show you the RIGHT way to go raw, making it a gazillion times easier.   I can show you how to avoid all those mistakes that make most raw food newbie’s transitions to a healthy lifestyle so difficult.

Let me arm you with the knowledge, motivation, and inspiration you need to successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle.

I Can Help You Achieve YOUR Health Goals

Deep down, you know what you want, but maybe you’re confused about where to start.

Sometimes you just need help to define what’s the most important goal for right now.  It may be that you want support to go 100% raw, or to simply achieve stability in a high raw diet.  I meet you wherever you’re at…

So What Can I Help You Achieve?  

Every person I work with wants to achieve something different.  We’re all unique and that’s why mentoring is tailored especially for you.  Results therefore are also unique.  However, some of the lifestyle improvements others have experienced, that I can help you accomplish are:

  • Radically improved energy levels and clarity of mind.
  • Bright, clear skin and eyes.
  • Better digestion and therefore better nutrient assimilation
  • Establishing permanent dietary changes – by going raw the RIGHT way on a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet.
  • Banishing cravings for cooked and processed foods so you can STAY raw or very high raw.
  • Losing Excess Weight healthfully and KEEPING IT OFF.
  • Starting and maintaining an effective exercise routine that works with YOUR lifestyle.
  • Making healthy raw choices during social situations, (including the tricky ones like travelling, visiting with family and friends, and cooking for your family)
So What Are Your Options?

I currently offer two different options for 1-on-1 raw mentoring:


The Real Raw Vitality program is ideal if you’re brand new to eating raw or already on your raw journey, but are feeling overwhelmed and confused about the mixed messages about healthy eating, and would like some suggestions about workable raw food options for you.

The Real Raw Vitality program is perfect for you if want to:

  • Overhaul your current food and lifestyle program to optimise health and weight management.
  • Understand cravings and learn how to banish them
  • Learn how to boost your energy naturally with raw foods
  • Learn how to reduce inflammation in the body, the primary cause of the majority of chronic diseases.

What’s included in the package:

  • All private mentoring packages come with the complete Fresh Start 90-Day program (valued at $290 USD).
  • An introductory reflection questionnaire and food diary, which I review thoroughly before our first call.
  • 1 x 1hr session with me (usually done by skype)
  • 1 x 30 min session (a few weeks after the first, to follow up on your progress)
  • unlimited email contact for a month for you to ask any question you desire and get valuable support.
  • Lifetime Membership to my private Facebook raw support group for accountability and support.

The total investment for this package is $550 USD.


If you want to completely change your life, then this is the program for you…  This 3 month dynamite program is for people who want breakthrough results and high-energy support over the long haul in implementing this diet and lifestyle program into every area of their life.

The Real Raw Transformation package is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Gain energy and vitality that only raw foods can give you.
  • Be completely supported in making lasting lifestyle changes.
  • Learn to understand what your body truly craves and how to nourish it completely
  • Implement a complete raw transformation that heals and rejuvenates your body, helping you reach the optimal weight for you.

What’s included in the Real Raw Transformation package:

  • All private mentoring packages come with the complete Fresh Start 90-Day program (valued at $295 USD).
  • An introductory reflection questionnaire and food diary, which I review thoroughly before our first call.
  • 6 x 60-minute mentoring calls (normally scheduled two weeks apart)
  • A recording of each call we share together. The universal mp3 recording is then sent to you to review at your leisure…on your iPod or computer.
  • Unlimited email contact for three months for you to ask any question you desire and get valuable support.
  • Lifetime Membership to my private Facebook raw support group for accountability and support.

The total cost of the whole three month program is currently $1495 USD upfront (or $598 USD per month). If you’d prefer to set up a monthly payment plan, this can also be organised through Paypal.

Please indicate on your email to me that this is what you’d like to do. Please Note: I use Skype for all of my coaching calls. It’s free and easy to sign up and download, and available for both Mac and PC.  Simply visit

If you can’t use Skype then mentoring by telephone is perfectly acceptable.  Just be aware that you will be responsible for all calling costs.

One off phone consultations?  I used to offer one-off consultations but I no longer do this because I find that people get the absolute best results when they commit to a longer term program.  One month really is the minimum time period to begin to implement change in your life.

If you would like to discuss whether a longer program would suit you please  email me at


PRAISE for Real Raw Mentoring

Karen Thomson 2015-01-25 at 11.18.50 am“When I approached Anthea for help, my body was in a terrible state. I was severely crippled with arthritic pain, wasn’t sleeping well and my blood tests were not showing great results.

Within just a few days, I was already on the road to recovery. The pain in my hips and knees had eased so much that I was already able to move around much easier and could finally get a good night’s sleep without lying there in pain. This was just the beginning of an ever upward spiral in my health and although I still have plenty of improvements to come, each week is getting easier and better.

Thank you for giving me a new lease of life Anthea!  You are amazing and I have told so many people about your wonderful advice and guidance.

Karen (Sydney)

“I’ve just finished my trial of being a raw foodie & here are the results from the last 30 days:

My skin has completely cleared up,

My energy levels have improved,

My joint pains have almost gone (although hopefully these last two are also signs that my Ross River Virus has abated),

I feel more focussed (less fuzzy???),

I can really tell when I’m hungry (physical symptoms, not just that ‘hmmm, maybe it’s time to eat’ kind of feeling),

I’ve been able to eat raw desserts & ‘snack’ foods (both of which were previously ‘red light’ foods for me) without causing any cravings,

I feel physically more comfortable (no bloating),

I’ve never been more regular in my life (who knew that you can use your bowels after every meal???) & – wait for it –

(drumroll please…)

I’ve lost 5.6kg!

So am I rushing to have a cooked brekkie? Not bloody likely! This little black duck knows when she’s onto a good thing & will be continuing with the raw food experience.

I didn’t stop drinking coffee & for the time being, I’m happy to continue drinking it; if & when it feels right, I’ll give it up.

Today is also my 342nd day of abstinence from compulsive eating & in that period I’ve gained a previously unknown serenity & dropped a total of 38.85kg. Life is good!” *

– Yolande (Perth, Australia)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.08.54 pm“After 90 days of mentoring with Anthea, being supported in living a low-fat raw vegan lifestyle, my mood and outlook has transformed and I feel full of energy and hope!   I’m embracing my uniqueness without shame, guilt or fear. I feel free to dream and pursue goals and my confidence as a singer has grown. I’m organizing closets and getting myself together in every area.  

Concluding the mentoring, I can say it was life changing!!  I’m so grateful for Anthea’s wisdom, patience and gentle faith in me.   Her approach has been a huge springboard and answer to getting me grounded after over 3 years of raw vegan living – I was so close to this point, but needed tweaking and support with diet and increased exercise and calories.  I needed coaching to help me on all levels, and to help me embrace a low-fat raw vegan diet, since eating mostly fruit is not a popular concept but a health-healing reality!  I feel I can finally move forward with health and strength.  I highly recommend Anthea if you need a new beginning.” *

– Mindy Glaser, California

“Many of my habits have changed in dramatic ways. I had a huge lettuce salad with your salad dressing today after a fruit salad at a restaurant with a friend. I stayed right on target and it felt great!! Since beginning this journey with Anthea, I have lost 8 pounds, people keep commenting on how healthy my hair looks and my pants are so much looser. I feel great.” *

– Amy Warshawsky, New York


Scared by Contracts or Commitments?

Don’t worry, I don’t want to tie you down to something that’s not absolutely in your highest interest.  So here’s how it works:  The payment for all 1-on-1 coaching packages with me is set up through PayPal.

For the 1 month Real Raw Vitality program, you can pay upfront for your month of coaching. Simply sign up here:

For the 3 Month Real Raw Transformation program you can either pay upfront here:

Or pay by periodic payment, set up as an automatic billing which means that you will be billed automatically once each month ($598 at the beginning of each month) for the three months.

You can sign up for the payment plan here:

Real Raw Transformation Coaching – 3 month
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $598.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2) $598.00 USD
Total $1,794.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for

And, you can cancel anytime you wish simply by logging into your PayPal account and cancelling the subscription.

If my advice doesn’t help you go raw and get healthy, you can just cancel at anytime.  (Note:  I cannot, however, refund your money once you’ve started working with me in the month that you’ve paid for.  You have invested in your health, and, once you pay, I also invest my time and energy in finding the most effective solutions for you.  If you need to postpone your appointment time you need to give me 24 hours notice.)

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” solution for all your raw food and health problems then these programs are not for you. 

My coaching programs are ONLY for people who are seriously committed to working for their health goals. Of course I’ll be there to guide and hold your hand every step of the way. But I can’t do the work for you! I’m only interested in helping those who are completely committed to getting healthy.

If that describes you, then jump on board for the ride of your life!

So, how do you get started?

Just send me an email at letting me know which coaching program you’d like to take up.  Once we’ve agreed on the best approach for you, you just need to confirm your participation by making your paypal payment.  My paypal account is

Until then, keep it real and raw!
Anthea Frances

P.S.  Personal 1-on-1 time with me dedicated to helping you get raw and healthy is what’s on offer.  And you get a choice: One month of coaching, three months of coaching, or just a one off consultation. It’s up to you. Either way, I’m here for you 100%.

P.P.S Just remember, you can read all you like, and trawl the internet for hours for answers, but none of this can replace experienced mentoring.

P.P.P.S.  Don’t forget, if you’d rather just have an individual phone consult instead of one of the monthly packages, please email me at

Disclaimer:  The coaching I provide is intended to assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes, in accordance with the low fat raw vegan lifestyle that I encourage on my website  I am not a medical practitioner, and my coaching is not intended to diagnose specific health conditions or prescribe anything for specific health conditions.

* Testimonials appearing on this site are received via electronic feedback through verified customers.  They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products or services in some way or other.  However, they are individual results and results do vary.  We do not claim that they are typical results that customers will generally achieve.  The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products. 

  1. Hi. I was wondering about your fees for Raw coaching. I am on again off again Raw and think its about time I took some guidance. My biggest issue is getting access to quality produce and live on conventional bananas which I love however crave variety. I also struggle with the social factor of being disengaged with those around me due to limited options plus my workload is unbalanced and I find it most difficult when im out of my usual daily routine to stay on track.

    Look forward to your reply.


  2. Hi Aaron, I sent a P.M directly to your email address. Not sure if you got it. You’re certainly not alone in the issues you struggle with – quality produce, variety (particulaly in winter) and social issues are some of the major obstacles. This diet definitely takes practice. Email me at and we can talk about your particular situation further. Happy to help in any way I can 🙂

  3. Hello. I only have oranges pears apples and bananas and 1 lb of spring mix available to me in the winter. Can you help me if I pay for 30 days. 

  4. Sure, Cassandra 🙂 I work with people exactly where they’re at – raw or not, budgetary constraints, health issues – It’s all good. You can make a payment on this page for the month and I’ll send you out a questionnaire for you to complete and return. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.

  5. I so want to do this but, tho I live in Southern California, I have no heat and my house temp is in the 50s much of the Winter. The thought of cold food all winter is what is stopping me.

    I can drink hot herbal tea, but cold food scares me off.

    If there is an answer to this I’m ready to go.

  6. Hi Barbara, I can answer your question in two ways. The first is (if you are wanting to stay raw through winter) that raw foodists don’t eat cold food, generally. They eat room temperature food. It’s blood circulation, clothing and room temperature that keep you warm. It’s just the psychological hurdle that we need to get over in terms of eating hot food. You can always warm raw soups in a high-powered blender or pre-heated bowl, Drink hot water, and make sure you get plenty of exercise.

    Alternatively, If you don’t want to stay 100% raw, then you don’t have to. Bearing in mind that your results will not be as good, but many people choose this way for convenience. You can choose to eat raw during the day and then have a cooked dinner of steamed veg and potato etc at night. It’s really up to you in the end and I’m happy to work with you either way 🙂

  7. Hi Anthea

    Can a raw vegan diet help with liver disease or a syndrome related to liver disease? And I’m dabbling in the raw vegan diet but have no clue where to start and I’m so out of shape (I just had my second child 7 months ago). I like the science behind 80/10/10 and how it’s really shaped people’s diets.


  8. Hello Lisa,
    An optimal raw food diet (ie a fruit-based, low fat raw vegan or high raw vegan diet) can help with all sorts of health ailments as long as there has not been significant organ tissue damage already sustained. Your body is a self-healing organism, provided the right conditions. However, many people think that diet alone is the answer: It’s not. There are many factors for healthful living including sleep, pure air and water, elimination of toxins, emotional equilibrium, movement etc etc I myself had the onset signs of primary biliary cirrhosis, a liver auto-immune disease, and have managed to arrest the symptoms and progression through healthful living. That’s not to say that your condition will reverse too, but by supporting your health you are giving your body the best chance of healing itself.
    I’m happy to help in any way I can, if you’d like to get in touch by email.

  9. Hi Anthea
    Do you have any emphasis on Cultured Foods (kefirs and Cultured Vegetables) in your program. I have been including these in my diet of late and find them extremely beneficial. I would hate to have to drop these from my regime if I joined your program. What are your thoughts in this regard. And is your program purely coaching or are you providing food ideas, menus etc. Look forward to your reply. Kind Regards

  10. Hi Lynda, I believe probiotics are super important, especially in the beginning of a raw food program. Eating right will eventually correct your gut flora but in the beginning it can take some getting there, especially if you have a history of cesaerian birth, bottle-feeding, antibiotic and other drug use, living in sterile conditions indoors and eating refined foods your whole life. I use coconut kefir and sauerkraut from time to time if I feel the need. Prefer kefir over sauerkraut though because of the added salt used in the latter. I do provide food ideas, menu advice and direction to recipes on my site. Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  11. Anthea I just read your book Raw Warriors and it was so helpful. Debating doing the 3 month coaching. I feel like I know what I need to do but I’m not sticking to it. Never really tried the raw vegan way of eating. I’ve had a raw vegan meal here or there and enjoyed it and been trying to eat more vegan but then a craving hits or life gets busy and I fall back on old habits. My main concerns are being overweight (50lbs) and my A1C showing me to be diabetic. I dont want to take the conventional medicine method for this. I’m just not 100% sure that coaching can help. I tried to email you to find out more and to see if you still have space for the 3 month program but it keeps being returned to me.

  12. I ordered the raw book but never got it, can you look into it. It was before Christmas that i ordered it, for around $8.00.

  13. One of my niece has hormonal disturbance and diagnosed with PCOS & thyroid function disorder. Can she get back to the normal health with your program. She has been trying different diets. She is 24 yrs old & vegetarian. She is afraid to try allopathiic medicine. Thanks

  14. Hi Jay, I do know of people healed hormonal imbalances on a low fat raw vegan diet. My own hormones completely balanced out and relieved all PMS that I suffered from. The best thing would be for her to give it a go and see for herself. The benefit of a fruit-based low fat raw vegan diet is that one is removing all offending toxic burdens to the body and allowing it to do it’s work of self-healing. Please pass on my contact details and I’d be happy to chat with her.

  15. Hi Anthea,
    I would like to buy your program with some mentoring
    From you. Could you please email me as I have a few
    Questions to ask you.
    Thank you so much

  16. Hi Anthea,

    I just sent you an email. I am interested in the 1 month coaching.

    Thank you,

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