How would you like to experience soaring energy levels? dramatic weightloss? clear skin? and a dramatic boost in your immune function?

All in the shortest period of time possible?

Well here’s how you can learn the most direct path to ultimate heath


The RAW Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide!

Going raw isn’t always the straight line highway that many people make out.

In fact it’s often a stony, broken path that dips into hidden valleys and rises over mountain ranges.

Hardcover-Book-MockUp-book-onlyMy journey was like the latter.  Sometimes I was clearly on the path.  But there were times when I couldn’t even see the path.

Nevertheless, I knew that the path lead to a certain, undeniable freedom and I had a clear vision for what I wanted.

That was my quest.

To rid myself of countless disheartening ailments so that I could experience life in a totally renewed body, mind and soul.

That’s what this book is about – The tale of how I slayed the inner and outer demons that were holding me back from what I most cherished in life.

And how you can too.

My demons were numerous…

  • 30 years of compulsive overeating and lack of food freedom.
  • Major digestive disorders – IBS, Chronic gastritis, painful reflux, hemorrhoids,
  • Acne, Eczema, allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • Candida
  • chronic sinusitis
  • Brain fog, fatigue/lethargy and couch-potato syndrome
  • painful PMS and moodiness
  • Low self-esteem and bouts of depression
  • Yo-yo weight gain and loss hundreds of times over

…To name just a few.

Anth hammock flower
Want to hear the whole story of exactly how I healed myself from chronic, painful digestive disorders, embarrassing skin conditions and shed my excess weight, while eating an abundance of fresh, ripe, raw foods?
In this book I teach you:
  • How to plan an optimal raw food diet so that you will THRIVE instead of wasting away with nutrient deficiencies.
  • How to tackle those tricky social situations.  What to say.  What to bring along.  How to protect your newfound exhuberance.
  • How to make sure you continue eating raw fruits and veggies without breaking the bank.
  • How to plan and organise your time so that you ALWAYS have ripe fruit and veg on hand when you need it.
  • SIX of my hands-down favourite go-to recipes ever.  These have become staple meals in my kitchen and they powerfully nip any craving in the bud.   (Does Rockyroad Nicecream float your boat?  Or how about Spicy Coconut Cilantro soup?  These are just two featured taste explosions)
Sound good?
Rocky road Nicecream

Rocky Road Nice Cream

Spicy Coconut cilantro soup

Spicy Coconut cilantro soup




Here’s what others are saying about this book.


Praise for The RAW Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide…



“Anthea’s ebook is a delightfully enthralling primer on the essence of healthful cuisine that will tantalize any foodie’s imagination and palate.  I’ve eaten this way for 31 years, and the diet not only saved my life (and countless others’ as well), but it keeps me happy, strong and vibrant every day at age 57.  Dive in and in a week or two your life will change in dramatic ways. You’ll discover how your body was meant to be fed and what it was screaming for all along.”

David Klein. Ph.D., Naturorthopathic Doctor Publisher of Vibrance Magazine Dean of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy



Yulia TarbathThe Raw Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart guide is a must read for anyone wanting to succeed on a high-fruit raw food lifestyle.  I wish it had been available when I first started out on my own raw path years ago. The book is really easy to understand and it is broken down into sections, from how to start on raw, through to how much water to drink, how to keep motivated following this lifestyle, how to overcome health conditions, tackle social situations, supplementation and so much more.  The recipes at the end of the book look really yummy too!  A must have in your raw food and health library!”

–  Yulia Tarbath Raw Food Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach,



Tasha Lee“Anthea is one of my favorite raw food writers. I love how she captures her thoughts and experiences and expresses them in such a captivating way. Her RAW Life Summit, aside from being awesome, gave me a deep appreciation for Anthea’s perspective and experience in the world of raw foods. I’ve learned quite a bit from her…but I’ve also been moved and inspired.  Anthea’s Kickstart Guide covers all the basics…and more!…and of course, in her precious writing style that will keep you smiling the whole way through.”

-Tasha Lee, author of Healing Diabetes with Fruit <>



Amy De Wolfe“If you’re new to raw foods, or have been round the revolving door of raw a few times, The Raw Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide will give you priceless advice for success on a raw, plant-based vegan diet. I can confidently recommend anything Anthea puts out there, because I know she truly cares about helping people back to health.”
– Amy De Wolfe, Illustrator Designer



Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.18.50 am“Sticking with the wonderful dietary advice of Anthea Frances has paid off great guns! I’ve just received the results of my latest tests and my thyroid is now functioning normally, my Vitamin D levels are now within the normal range (where before it was a case of ‘What Vitamin D?’) and my B12 is still a little low but much, much improved… doing a very excited little dance – and thankfully I can dance now, whereas before I was struggling to walk at times! Oh – and losing 10kg in 3 months is awesome as well!”

– Karen Thomson – Sydney, Australia


Going Raw and regaining your health is the biggest gift you will EVER give yourself.


You can expect to pay around $25 for a book like this, but I want you to have it for $17.

That’s my gift to you.watermelon-410329_1280

I want as many people to read this book and benefit from it’s essential life-giving advice as possible.

And I don’t want price to be any barrier.

So if you want to discover the easiest way ever to go raw, enjoy an abundance of the most delicious foods on the planet and completely alter your health and your life forever then get The RAW Warrior’s Ultimate Kickstart Guide.

It’ll be the smallest, but smartest, investment you’ve ever made in your life.

And if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase I’ll give you your money back.

So what do you have to lose?


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