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The Best diet for Auto-immune disease?

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.33.27 amLately I’ve been listening to a very interesting audio book called The Autoimmune Solution by Dr Amy Myers, which may really interest you if you have any kind of autoimmune condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Eczema, Reynaud’s Syndrone, Colitis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

Dr Myers herself recovered from Graves Disease and helps all sorts of autoimmune sufferers recover with diet and lifestyle program.

Her major dietary blacklisted foods are gluten, all grains, dairy, legumes and, nightshades (including white potato). She basically says that you can’t be vegetarian/vegan if you have autoimmune disease because these diets are too inflammatory.

Clearly Dr Myers hasn’t yet made the connection of making fruit a primary source of calories, instead of starches (most doctors haven’t).

But she does make a fascinating case for why these foods should be avoided at all cost if you’ve suffered from any kind of auto-immune response.

What I do know is this… whenever I have deviated from my diet of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds and eaten things like cooked white potato, cooked legumes or grains like rice and wheat my health has plummeted.

The old symptoms come back in full force. Symptoms like joint pain that plagues my fingers and back.

My nose starts running like a tap, and clearing my throat constantly.

My skin feels itchy and my scalp dermatitis returns.

I start to get puffy around the jowls and chubby around my thighs and belly.

Not to mention the belly bloat.

Do you feel depressed at the thought of letting go of bread? That's a sure sign you're addicted.

Do you feel depressed at the thought of letting go of bread? That’s a sure sign you’re addicted.

And that old feeling of addiction kicks in, where the thought of letting go of bread seems like losing a child, parent, mate or a long lost friend.

I know I’m not alone here, with many, many people sharing the experience of addiction to wheat and ‘crack-like’ withdrawal symptoms to this white powder of choice.

I know that when I eat 100% raw fruits and veggies that I feel absolutely my best, but until recently I had never really made the connection between eating these other ‘healthy’ vegan foods from time to time and my symptoms reappearing.

The book is really well worth a read for her advice on gluten, all grains, legumes etc.

For me it’s clear that the dietary options for people with autoimmune disease are one of the following:

  • Paleo diet
  • Fruit-based raw vegan
  • Raw till 4 (excluding all grains and white potato)

Personally I know which options I’d prefer. Leaving out inflammatory animal products surely makes sense for any auto-immune condition.

As well, restricting highly nutritious good carbs like fruit just seems downright stupid and impossible to follow.

Personally I’ve tried restricting all carbs (including fruit) and have only sent myself into a binge cycle.

Alternatively eating as much fruit as your body requires will leave you feeling satiated, light, energetic and clear-headed, without the blood sugar issues that are often attributed to high sugar intake.

It’s what you DON’T eat that matters…

You can throw back green smoothies and juices till the cows come home, but if you’re still eating acidifying foods like grains, dairy, legumes, caffeine & animal products (even in the smallest amounts) then you’ll always fall short of the good health you aspire towards.

You might feel niggling tiredness, belly and thigh bulge, foggy thinking, painful or swollen joints.

When you eliminate acid-forming foods from your diet (animal products, grains, coffee & tea) you are removing the causes of inflammation, which are at the heart of auto-immune diseases.

And you need to eliminate them 100% to experience full recovery. Do yourself a favour and don’t kid yourself that the odd indulgence of a milky tea, muffin, coffee or Christmas pudding won’t matter.

It will and it does. It will destroy all your hard work, and attack your vulnerable immune system, when it’s just getting its head above water.

You need to view all these kinds of foods as poison, simply and clearly.

Conclusion –   If you’re struggling with an autoimmune disease and you’d like support in this area to recover your failing health, I love working with people to tailor make their very own raw health program.

Want to know exactly what you should eat and not eat, if you want to experience incredible health?

Want knowledge and support to be able to face the barrage of questions you get about your diet?

Come visit me here to find out all about how I can help you.

Raw health coaching can really help you find your raw ‘feet’, so that you’re feeling confident in the changes you’re making.

Anthea Frances is an author, raw food health coach and host of the Raw Life Summit series.  Grab a copy of her free Balanced Raw Vegan Nutrition Checklist and start improving your health today!